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​(Subject to change)

Monday, September 24, 2018

​Start Time (EST) End Time (EST)​ Session​
​8:30 AM ​9:30 AM ​Keynote Address: Consequences of Globalization on Worker Health and Safety inDeveloping Countries
​11:00 AM ​12:00 PM ​A1: ILO and IOHA Member Collaboration - A Panel Discussion
​11:00 AM 12:00 PM​ ​A2: Total Exposure Health: A New Approach to the Exposure Sciences
​1:30 PM 2:30 PM​ ​B2: Occupational and Environmental Medicine: The United States and the EuropeanUnion
​1:30 PM 2:30 PM​ ​B4: Nail Salon Worker Exposure
​2:45 PM ​3:45 PM ​C2: Exposure and Explosions: Using CFD for Risk Assessment and EmergencyPreparedness
​2:45 PM ​3:45 PM ​C4: Indoor & Office Chemical Hazards
​4:00 PM ​5:00 PM ​D3: Partnerships to Update the OHTA Noise Module
​4:00 PM ​5:00 PM ​D5: Workplace Health Without Borders: Strategies to Prevent Work-Related Disease​​

Tuesday, Septembe​r 25, 2018​​

​​Sart Time (EST) ​End Time (EST) Session​​
​8:00 AM ​9:00 AM ​E1: 8th International Control Banding Workshop: Session 1 - History, Implementationand Future of Control Banding​
​8:00 AM​ ​9:00 AM ​E4: Hazards in the Mining Industry
​9:15 AM ​10:15 AM ​F1: 8th International Control Banding Workshop: Session 2 - Evaluation of REACHTier I & 1.5 Tools - The Eteam Study: Follow up by Tool Owners
​9:15 AM ​10:15 AM ​F3: Focused Risk Reduction Process in ExxonMobil
​1:45 PM ​2:45 PM ​G1: 8th International Control Banding Workshop: Session 3 - HazardBanding/Occupational Exposure Banding
​1:45 PM ​2:45 PM ​G3: International Agreement Creates Confidence in Testing
​3:00 PM ​4:00 PM ​H1: 8th International Control Banding Workshop: Session 4 - Evaluation ofQuantitative Exposure Models
​3:00 PM ​4:00 PM ​H5: Real-Time Exposure Measurement​

Wednesday, Septem​ber 26, 2018

​Starting Time (EST) Ending Time (EST)​ Session​
​8:00 AM ​9:00 AM ​I2: Framewor​ks and Methodologies from Around the Globe
​8:00 AM ​9:00 AM ​I5: Safety Training for Marijuana Cultivation Workers
​9:15 ​AM ​10:15 AM ​J2: Global OHS Challenges and Opportunities: Be Part of the Solution
​9:15 AM ​10:15 AM ​J3: ISO 45001: New Occupational Health and Safety Management System
​11:15 AM ​12:15 PM ​K2: Right Sensors Used Right: Respirable Dust Monitoring
​11:15 AM ​12:15 PM ​K4: Occupational Hygiene Initiatives and Innovations in the Mining Industry
​2:00 PM ​2:30 PM Closing Session​
*Please note this session is not eligible for CM contact hours.