Health and Safety Hazards in the Cannabis Industry Webinar Recording

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​The cannabis industry has been a lightning rod for social issues, but often missing from these conversations is the impact to the workers in this emerging industry. With varied touchpoints in product processing, there are associated hazards – not to mention what we don’t know yet.

This webinar will provide an overview of the health and safety aspects of the legal cannabis industry, including assessing and controlling potential exposures to the chemicals used in processing the product and the finished product itself. Ergonomic hazards will also be discussed.

Peter Gendron, the foremost cannabis expert in Oregon, will share his unique perspective on the challenges faced in the industry including law, regulation, and building code and Michael Rochlin will draw on his valuable IH experience as he identifies parallels to existing industries for resources and lessons learned.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Describe health and safety challenges in the cannabis industry
  • Anticipate and recognize common workplace hazards during cannabis production and processing
  • Identify controls to mitigate hazards


Michael Rochlin, CSP, has over 20 years of IH and EHS experience and is a member of PNS-AIHA. Currently, he is Executive Director of MJ ENTERPRISES, LLC an Oregon-based consulting firm, focusing on health and safety in the cannabis industry. Michael earned a Master's degree in Occupational Health and Safety and Business from the University of Washington. He has gained valuable insights from EHS projects in aerospace, manufacturing, insurance, food processing, construction, and as a state OSHA CSHO. For the past 4 years, Michael has provided professional health & safety testimony to the Oregon State Legislature, state and local Regulatory Agencies, and educated trade groups, resulting in a unique Governor's-appointed Oregon Cannabis Commission. Michael was recently nominated to the Commission's Education Subcommittee.

Peter Gendron has been growing and processing cannabis indoors and outdoors for almost 30 years. Peter has done beta work for extract equipment in the last few years, experimental work with cartridges and other delivery systems, and process work in the industry. Among other efforts in Oregon, he’s served by appointment of the Governor on the SB 844 implementation task force, as a legislative adviser, and on the Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement Committee for the OLCC; writing the rules and evaluating what needs to be regulated and how those regulations will be enforced and is responsible for the application of codes developing the 5000 ppm standard for low-level detectors and their placement to ensure worker safety. As the elected President of the Oregon SunGrowers Guild, he represents the largest trade organization in the state and the only one of its kind nationally. He’s given hundreds of hours of lectures to private and public audiences on everything from the history of cannabis laws and cannabinoids in our culture to modern political obstacles to regulation, including terpenes, novel cannabinoids, and the nature of the laws surrounding this industry. ​

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