Background on ASTM D-22 Committee on Air Quality

AIHA Representative: Dr. S. D. Allen Iske Jr.
The positive relationship in development of technical information pertinent to environment and Industrial Hygiene (occupational health and safety) are definitive for a synergic working effort both to ASTM and AIHA. Many individuals are members of both organizations as well as many should be members of both. ASTM is in the voluntary development and standardization of technical methods for use by professionals in this area and AIHA is about the education and technical resource for our members in these same areas. Allen continues to encourage active participation between members of both organizations as well as the leaders of the respective organizations to develop a plan for future growth and cooperation for new program developments. Allen continues to support and encourage the joint presentation of technical material and research at a co-sponsored conference, symposium or workshop.  
April 2010 Meeting Trip Report:  Attendance at ASTM D-22 Air Quality Committee Meeting in St. Louis, MO between April 20 – 21, 2010 and US TAG Meeting for ISO TC 146 on Air Quality Meeting on April 21, 2010.