Academy Governance

AIH Bylaws
Bylaws of the Academy of Industrial Hygiene  

(updated 3/21/2014)

Article I. ​Name

​The name of the organization shall be "Academy of Industrial Hygiene" (also called the Academy).

Article II. Purpose, Objectives and Activities

Section 1. The purpose and objectives of the Academy are to provide leadership in advancing the professional field of industrial hygiene, by raising the level of competence of industrial hygienists and by securing wide recognition of the need for high quality industrial hygiene practice to ensure healthful working conditions in the various occupations and industries. To meet this central purpose and objectives the Academy must work both within and outside its own professional group.
Section 2. The Academy is organized as a non-profit division of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).
Section 3. Subject to specific approval by the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the Academy is empowered to accept grants, gifts and monies from foundations, government, industry and individuals to implement specific objectives within the purpose of the Academy or to implement the objectives of grants made to the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

Article III. Memb​ership

All certified industrial hygienists who are members in good standing with the AIHA are Diplomates of the Academy.  Any certified industrial hygienist who is not a member of AIHA shall be an Academy of Industrial Hygiene (Academy) Affiliate member upon payment of Academy dues.  Academy Affiliate members are also Diplomates of the Academy.

Article IV. Amendments

Section 1. No amendment to the Bylaws shall result in pecuniary gain or profit, indirect or otherwise, to a member of the Academy.
Section 2. Any proposed amendment to the Bylaws must be signed by five percent of the members of the Academy and submitted in writng to the AIHA Board of Directors for approval.