Professional Ethics Education

AIHA is the Secretariat of the Joint Industrial Hygiene Ethics Education Committee (JIHEEC), which includes representatives from AIH, AIHA, ABIH, and ACGIH. The Ethics Education Committee is an educational resource to the industrial hygiene profession, and whose mission is to promote an awareness and understanding of the enforceable code of ethics published by the ABIH as well as the ACGIH, AIH, and AIHA’s member ethical principles (below).  

JIHEEC is not an enforcement group or resolution board, but serves the membership by bringing to its attention ethical dilemmas facing the industrial hygienist, and can also serve as a sounding board for challenges facing the professional. You can learn more about JIHEEC, your professional ethical responsibilities, as well as review ethics educational materials at JIHEEC’s web page. 

To learn more about the American Board of Industrial Hygiene’s procedures for investigating ethical complaints or the procedure for submitting an ethical complaint on an ABIH certified industrial hygienist, visit the ABIH website.


Ethical Principles  

After careful consideration, much deliberation, and solid legal advice, the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) decided to develop a new, enforceable Code of Ethics for all ABIH-certified professionals, applicants, and examinees. The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), AIHA’s Academy of Industrial Hygiene (AIH), and ACGIH® have created a set of principles​ that will complement the enforceable Code of Ethics for AIHA, AIH, and ACGIH which they will share. 

Though the Member Ethical Principles document was developed in cooperation with ABIH and is based on the same concepts as its newly-approved and enforceable Code of Ethics, the joint principles are not enforceable; rather, the document represents shared member ethical principles. These principles were available for member input and were approved by both the AIHA and ACGIH Boards of Directors.​