Awards and Opportunities

AIHA is more than just an association. It is a community of thought leaders within the industrial and occupational hygiene professions and a conduit for rewarding​ excellence. AIHA values the industry and encourages growth by reaching out to members find the mentorship they need, providing opportunities and resources to share about the profession, and recognizing those professionals who have exemplified excellence and leadership.

Promoting the Profession

Many opportunities exist for members to visit schools and deliver presentations on industrial hygiene topics or the profession in general. Potential audiences include: K-12 student groups, community colleges, undecided or basic science undergraduates, undergraduates in IH/EHS programs, graduate student​s in IH/EHS, and career fairs for professionals looking to change or enhance their career path.

The following are a handful of programs that AIHA has put together for members to share with the public audience:

IH Professional Pathway

AIHA's IH Professional PathwayTM program for industrial hygienists was created from a desire to align Association resources and ​development opportunities with the various careerlevels of the profession. The resulting program encourages and s​​​upports the attainment of credentials such as certifications and registrations. To learn more about the program visit the IH Professional Pathway Center.

Safety Matters Center

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) are proud to present Safety Matters, a program to raise awareness among young people about workplace safety and health. The program is a one-hour interactive teaching module and PowerPoint presentation targeted to students in grades 7 through 12 and can be used by safety professionals to equip young people with the knowledge they need to participate in safe and healthy work environments throughout their working lives. The materials presented in this module are based on a full curriculum from NIOSH, Talking Safety.

IH Profession

Looking for basic information to pass on via career fairs or with a college-aged audience? AIHA is happy to provide the following resources for members.

AIHA Network TV

Get the latest updates from AIHA on government affairs, conference events, and other information from the Association's YouTube channel. Members are encouraged to share these videos via their favorite social media channel.