Distinguished Lecturer FAQ

Where can I find individuals participating in AIHA’s Distinguished Lecturer (DL) program?

How can I be listed as a Distinguished Lecturer?

  • To be considered for the DL, please submit a DL Appli​cation.  Applications are considered annually by the Fellows SIG Review Committee and the submission period is open throughout the year.  DL’s will be notified by the Fellows SIG  about their status as a DL.

I want to host a Distinguished Lecturer.  What costs are involved?

  • To get the contact information of a DL, please contact AIHA. The hosts will then need to contact the DL and make all necessary arrangements.  Hosts pay all related costs of any DL event and should outline details in a written agreement with the DL including, transportation, lodging, food, site expenses for presentation and all related expenses.  Host may want to offer an honorarium to the DL if there is not a set fee expected by the DL.

I have a topic in mind, how do I find a particular speaker?

How far in advance should I request a Distinguished Lecture?

  • Advanced notice to Distinguished Lecturers varies from speaker to speaker.  Some may be able to accept invitations with only a month’s notice, while others need to schedule up to a year ahead.   Please contact the DL directly to inquire about availability.

How are Distinguished Lecturers chosen?

  • To be listed as a DL, a DL app​​lication must be complete and submitted online.   Applications are reviewed annually by the Fellows SIG DL Committee during the first quarter of the year.  Appointments to the DL are for two years and may be renewed through the evaluation process established by the Fellows SIG DL Committee.