Distinguished Lecturer Program

Distinguished Lecturer ProgramThe AIHA Distinguished Lecture Program focuses on providing lectures on national and international occupational and environmental health issues that affect the practice of industrial hygiene.  The AIHA Fellows SIG​ is proud to host this program that features prominent experts in industrial hygiene who are prepared to lecture on recent research and new developments and topics of interest that affect workplace safety and the environment.  The Distinguished Lecturers are d​​​rawn from the AIHA membership, they and their lectures have been reviewed thoroughly by a DL Review Team as to their quality and timeliness.

The yearly Distinguished Lecturer (DL) list identifies experts within AIHA who are capable and willing to provide lectures in their area of expertise to the industrial hygiene community and to our outreach partners. Our program features renowned thought leaders in academia, industry and government, speaking about the most important topics in industrial hygiene. This program enables you to connect and learn from experts in the field of industrial hygiene, and to schedule a presentation at your local, regional or international meetings. Our AIHA Distinguished Lecturers will be ready to deliver compelling and insightful content to your audience. 

NEW 2016 Distinguished Lecturers 

Denese Deeds, CIH (Connecticut)
  • Understanding the GHS

  • OSHA Hazard Communication

Lee Hager (Michigan)
  • Noise
Rachael M. Jones (Illinois)
  • An Industrial Hygiene Perspective on Disease Transmission and Infection Controls

Ed N. Light, CIH (Maryland)

  • Controlling Summer Mold Growth in Schools

  • Resolving Mustery Odors: T-15 (VOC sampling) vs. EL-01 (scientific method)

  • LEED: Myths vs. Reality

Elizabeth L. Pullen, CIH, FAIHA (North Carolina)
  • Streamlining Exposure Assessment
Cheri Marcham, PhD, CIH, CSP, CHMM, FAIHA (Oklahoma)
  •  Electronic Cigarettes in the Indoor Environment
Lydia N. Renton, B. Sc., CIH, ROH, FAIHA (Ontario)
  • Occupational Hygiene in Canada - a Federal or Provincial Matter? 

  • Occupational Hygiene Professional Ethics

  • Presenting W201 in English in Other Countries

Jas Singh, PhD, CIH (Hawaii)
  • Old Hazards - New concerns

  • Ethics and Culture

  • Global Supple Chain

Philip A. Smith, PhD, CIH (Utah)
  • Field-Portable Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for Human Exposure Assessment
Jim R. Thornton, CIH, CSP (Virginia)
  • Why be an industrial hygienist?

  • Marketing IH 

Distinguished Lecturers and Presentations

Frank Ehrenfeld, III  (New Jersey)

  • Asbestos in Soil:  South African Case Study & Analytical method comparison

  • Erionite:  Progress Report on Standardized Analytical Approach 

Neil Feldscher, CIH, CSP, JD  (New York)

  • Toxic Substance Control Act

  • Legal System Overview (and IH Interaction)

  • EH Professionals in Jail   

 Bernard Fontaine, CIH, CSP, FAIHA  (New Jersey)

  • The B​usiness Case and Value of Occupational Health and Safety    

Donald Groce (California)

  • Funda​mentals of Protective Clothing    

Mike Harris, PhD, CIH  (Louisiana)

  • Welding:  A​n Occupational Health Perspective    

Stephen Hemperly, MS, CIH, CSP, CLSO (California)  

  • Nonionizing​ Radiation (NIR) Overview    

Norman Henry III, MS, CIH (Maryland)

  • Radiation Regulatory Agencies:  Keeping Them Straight 

  • Fundamentals of Protective Clothing     

Mark Katchen, MS, MBA, CIH (California)

  • Risk Commu​nication  

Marianne Levitsky, MES, CIH, ROH, AIHAF  (Ontario)

  • Challenges and Barriers to Promoting Safety Culture 

  • Global Challenges of Occupational Health

  • Workplace Health Without Borders   

Don Linville, CIH  (Tennessee)

  • Fundamentals​ of Protective Clothing  

Om Malik, PhD, P.Eng, CIH, ROH (Ontario)

  • Occupational Health Hazards in Building and Construction 

  • Health and Safety Culture:  Motivation and Influence

  • Business Case For Industrial Hygiene – Adding Value and Competitive Advantage  

Susan Ripple, MS, CIH (Michigan)

  • Can We Protect Workers Without OELS  

  • Development and Implementation of Health-Based Exposure Limits

  • Health Hazard Banding = Occupational Exposure Banding

  • Implementation of the OEL Hieararchy Approach: The Multi-National Experience 

Robert E. Sheriff, Jr., MS, CIH, CSP (New Jersey)

  • Libby, Mon​​tana:  An Industrial hygienist’s Dream and a Citizen’s Nightmare ​

 To contact a Distinguished Lecturer, please contact AIHA.