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Membership in the Arizona Local Section is open to those interested in supporting and promoting the advancement of occupational safety and health in the workplace.  To become a member, please complete the Membership Application.  The application can be mailed, with dues, to the address listed on the application, or it can be given to a Local Section Officer during a Local Section meeting.

Join Arizona's Loca​l Section Now​ ​

Membershi​p Benefits 

Professional Advanc​ement

The credibility of belonging to a network of local IH professionals is a credential in itself.  Local section informational and educational opportunities are offered to keep members at the cutting edge of the profession. 


Newsletters, credible local sources, and links to valuable information through our web site provides information for members to keep up with the latest developments on issues at the local, state and national level. 

Educational Opp​ortunities

We offer quality educational meetings throughout the year.  The local section also solicits local presenters in an effort to recognize the diverse expertise and experience of our members. 

Interaction and N​etworking

What better way to network with fellow IHs than the local section meeting?  The local section also provides multiple educational and networking opportunities throughout the year.  Members can become involved in local section committees (i.e. Program Committee) to develop meeting content and meet peers. 

Employment Inform​ation

Our local section web site posts IH related job announcements.  Announcements are often made at local section meetings.