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Dinner Meeting3/14/20011/615413
Co-sponsored event3/27/20010.5 for half a day or 1.5 for both days01-072
All Day Meeting11/8/2001102-3455
Dinner Meeting5/7/20021/602-3269
Dinner Meeting3/14/20021/602-3268
Dinner Meeting9/12/20021/602-3457
All Day Meeting11/7/2002102-3444
Dinner Meeting1/16/20031/603-434
Dinner Meeting3/19/20031/603-1739
Dinner Meeting6/4/20031/603-1738
All Day Meeting11/9/2003103-2916
Meeting Sponsor TSI9/22/20040.5 – ABIH awarded 2 tech hrs. and then adjusted following phone call by JRK on 1/14/0504-2098
All Day Meeting11/9/2004104-2803
Joint meeting with ASSE1/11/20050.504-3409
Joint meeting with Assoc. of Occup. Health Nurses.3/15/20050.505-728
Anthony’s Pier 46/8/20050.505-1603
Holiday Inn Select, Nancy Burns,(Medical Reserve Corps and Industrial Hygiene-Being Prepared Just Makes Sense), Don Cooke- N. Reading Fire Dept.-MA State Wide Decontamination System-Stories from the Field)9/28/20050.5 per 3 hours05-2424
All Day Technical Meeting11/10/2005105-2705
Sheraton Lexington1/10/20060.506-024
Marriott Newton3/16/20060.5 per 3 hours06-918
6/8/20060.5 per 3 hours06-157
9/20/20060.5 per 3 hours06-2361
1/17/20070.5 per 3 hours09-085
EPA Lab Visit3/14/20070.507-741
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