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CM Points

​ABIH has discontinued all CM point request reviews for Category 4 Education events (with one exception as noted below). Instead, individuals will have to calculate their own CM points.  ABIH plans on providing additional information and guidance such as updated CM worksheets, point calculation tools, and guidance documents.  ABIH posted an initial announcement in November and an update in December​

NEAIHA will assist in easing this transition and ensure that meeting agendas show the number of hours of technical content and calculated CM points.​

ABIH Credi​t for 2011 Ethics ​Workshop

For those who attended the Ethics Workshop at the 2011 All Day Industrial Hygiene Conference and Vendor Exhibition, the ABIH CM approval number is the same as the conference’s approval number.  Attendees should record 0.33 CM Ethics points and 0.67 IH points for CM purposes.  No separate number or receipt is required.  NEAIHA will maintain a copy of the sign-in sheets for our records.

ABIH CM Points Resolution for Meetings from 2004 to 2008

Dear NEAIHA Membership:

On April 13, 2009, members of the NEAIHA Executive Committee, with input from recent Past Presidents, sent a letter to ABIH regarding the misunderstandings over the CM points awarded for our technical meetings from 2004 to 2008. On July 6, 2009, ABIH responded with the attached letter​​​.

For seven out of the 16 meetings that are still relevant where ABIH did not provide the number of hours awarded, they are awarding us 3 hours and the 0.5 CM point.  For the nine meetings where they indicated 2 hours they are continuing to award the two hours. With this resolution, the total difference from the 16 contested meetings is 1.5 points out of a possible 8 CM points.  In their letter, ABIH states that no NEAIHA member will lose their accreditation this coming cycle because they are short points due to the contested meetings as long as Tracy Parsons (​) the Administrative Program Manager at ABIH is contacted by September 1, 2009. While this resolution does not satisfy all of the committee’s concerns, this is a compromise that the EC voted to support.

Even without this issue, anyone getting close to certification should review their point totals. The website has a CM point table for our meetings and NEAIHA point information can also be obtained at the site using their Search function and entering “AIHA-New England Local Section” as the sponsor.

Please note that for meetings after September 2008, 0.5 CM points have been awarded and we expect this to continue in the future unless otherwise indicated in the meeting notice.

Any questions or concerns, please contact the NEAIHA President, Andrew Kalil, at

Thank you,

The NEAIHA Executive Committee​​​​​​​​​​​​​


 CM Points

Dinner Meeting3/14/20011/615413
Co-sponsored event3/27/20010.5 for half a day or 1.5 for both days01-072
All Day Meeting11/8/2001102-3455
Dinner Meeting5/7/20021/602-3269
Dinner Meeting3/14/20021/602-3268
Dinner Meeting9/12/20021/602-3457
All Day Meeting11/7/2002102-3444
Dinner Meeting1/16/20031/603-434
Dinner Meeting3/19/20031/603-1739
Dinner Meeting6/4/20031/603-1738
All Day Meeting11/9/2003103-2916
Meeting Sponsor TSI9/22/20040.5 – ABIH awarded 2 tech hrs. and then adjusted following phone call by JRK on 1/14/0504-2098
All Day Meeting11/9/2004104-2803
Joint meeting with ASSE1/11/20050.504-3409
Joint meeting with Assoc. of Occup. Health Nurses.3/15/20050.505-728
Anthony’s Pier 46/8/20050.505-1603
Holiday Inn Select, Nancy Burns,(Medical Reserve Corps and Industrial Hygiene-Being Prepared Just Makes Sense), Don Cooke- N. Reading Fire Dept.-MA State Wide Decontamination System-Stories from the Field)9/28/20050.5 per 3 hours05-2424
All Day Technical Meeting11/10/2005105-2705
Sheraton Lexington1/10/20060.506-024
Marriott Newton3/16/20060.5 per 3 hours06-918
6/8/20060.5 per 3 hours06-157
9/20/20060.5 per 3 hours06-2361
1/17/20070.5 per 3 hours09-085
EPA Lab Visit3/14/20070.507-741
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