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President's Message

Dear Colleagues:

Our fall Conference is coming: October 6 located at the ONEOK Plaza-Auditorium at 100 W. Fifth Street in Tulsa, OK. There will be a presentation by the National AIHA President, Dr. Deborah Nelson. We will also have an AIHA Distinguished Lecturer, Neil Feldscher, an attorney with the New York City Department of Environmental Quality who will talk about industrial hygiene and legal system interaction. Other presenters will include a radiation awareness presentation by the Radiation Program Manager of the Oklahoma DEQ; an OSHA Update by OSHA Area Director David Bates; an OSHA case study by Dr. Terri Pearce, OSHA industrial hygienists; and an update about Oklahoma earthquakes by Dr. Jerry Boak, Director of the Oklahoma Geological Survey. The second event will be on October 27 at the Moore-Norman Technology Center Campus at 4701 12th Avenue. NW in Norman, OK. We will have the same presentations for those who live in the Oklahoma City metro area. Sorry, neither Deborah Nelson or Neil Feldscher can attend this meeting in person, we will video tape their presentations at Tulsa and present them at this meeting.

Oklahoma Occupational Licensing Taskforce. In August 23, OKAIHA Past President, Dr. Charles Marshall, forwarded an email from the Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODOL) to the AIHA president, Dr. Deborah Nelson. Apparently, the Oklahoma Governor (Mary Fallin) has setup a Taskforce on “Occupational Licensing.” Both Dr. Marshall and I were concerned be-cause we received notice very late in the notification process and because the makeup of the members of the “Task Force” did not include representation from any real active “Stakeholder” in the Industrial Hygiene or Safety Profession Community (locally or nationally). A letter was written by AIHA, signed by Dr. Nelson and sent to the Oklahoma Occupational Licensing Taskforce explaining the qualifications of certified Industrial Hygienists, stating that CIHs should not be required to obtain a state license. It is not clear at this time if ODOL in-tends to require industrial hygienists to obtain a state license to work as consultants in Oklahoma​.

Dr. Bradshaw’s promotion. Effective August 1, 2017 Dr. Chris Bradshaw, our President-Elect, will serve as the new Chair of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. This well-deserved appointment is a source of great pride to OKAIHA members and to all safety and health professionals in Oklahoma. Please extend your congratulations to our President-Elect, Dr. Chris Bradshaw.


Jorge Delucca, - 2017 OKAIHA Local Section President