Forming a Student Local Section

Lead the way for a new IH Community at your college or university by setting-up an AIHA Student Local Section.

What to Do

In order to set-up an AIHA Student Local Section, the following must be done:

  • Secure a faculty member of the college/university willing to serve as a faculty advisor to the student section (faculty member must be a full member of national AIHA or in the process of obtaining full membership).

  • Using a copy of the model bylaws, draft a set of bylaws for the prospective student section 

  • If necessary, seek appropriate approval from the college/university for the establishment of a new student organization.

  • Contact the closest AIHA local section to the university/college student section to seek sponsorship for the student section.

  • When ready, forward the following items to sponsoring local section:

    • Draft Bylaws, for review, editing, and approval.

    • Dues requirements, for review and approval 

  • The sponsoring local section president must send a written notification to the student section to indicate their intent of sponsoring the student section and their approval of the student section’s bylaws and dues.  Upon receiving the written notification, the student section may begin their organizational activities (organization meetings, membership drives, officer elections, dues collection, and regularly scheduled monthly meetings.)

Helpful Guidelines

For Students and Faculty Advisor:

For Sponsoring Local Sections: