Local Section Management and Operations

AIHA Banner ​Stands 

AIHA has two banner stands that are available to all local sections to display at their meetings and when they attend events on behalf of AIHA.

The banner stands measure 84” H X 39.8” W, weigh only 20 pounds, and are compact enough to fit in the trunk of a car. The banner stands can be fully extended and displayed on the floor.

AIHA will cover the cost to ship a banner stand to a local section along with requested supplemental materials. The local section will be responsible for the costs associated with shipping the banner stand back to AIHA.  To reserve an AIHA banner stand, please contact AIHA's Local Section Relations.

AIHA Logo Usage and Brand​​ing Guidelines

When using the AIHA log​o, please implement the following:

  • No part of the AIHA logo can be used within the local section's logo.

  • The local section logo and AIHA logo must be used independently. The AIHA logo must stand alone or it can be placed alongside a local section's logo if used.

  • The AIHA logo must appear on any print, web or multimedia application in conjunction with the local section's name and/or logo and not as the only visual identity on the particular application, i.e. the AIHA logo cannot be the only logo on that application.

  • The AIHA logo colors and/or fonts cannot be changed nor should the logo be redrawn.

  • Individual elements cannot be extracted from the logo, however, the logo can be used without the tagline, Protecting Worker Health.

  • The logo can be used in black and white or color

Amending Local Section Bylaws

Local section bylaws can be amended at any time throughout the year but amended bylaws must be sent to AIHA for approval. Generally, staff will review the revisions first. If there are any issues with the revision, the bylaws will be sent back to the local sect​ion for changes or any necessary modifications. If there are no problems with the revision, it is then forwarded to the Secretary of AIHA for final approval. Local sections can use the model bylaws as a reference guide to amend bylaws.  

Certification Maintenance (CM) Points

  • Effective 11/28/11, ABIH will no longer review educational events for CM points. This also means that ABIH will not be issuing any new CM approval numbers. Instead, CIHs will be responsible for calculating their own CM point values and listing them on the worksheets.

  • For each 12 month of service, Local Section Presidents can claim 1.0 CM point and other Local Section Elected Officers or Directors can claim 0.5 CM points.  Points are classified as Category 2.

Connect with ABIH

Did you know that m​embers of the ABIH Board of Directors are assigned to liaison with AIHA's local sections?   Connect with your assigned local section ABIH Director.

Dues Renewal Program

During the AIHA Membership Renewal process, AIHA is w​illing to collect local section dues from national members. This is a free program offered to all of AIHA's local sections. AIHA will collect local section dues and transfer the funds each month to the local section's bank account via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). To sign up your local section, submit the  EFT Agreement Form and  EFT Set-Up Form to the Local Section Relations.

Electronic Balloting 

Ease local section administrative burdens by using AIHA's online survey system for any balloting needs, including upcoming ​officer elections or amending bylaws.  Local sections interested in using the online survey system should contact Local Section Relations

IRS Filing Requirements

  • Annual Group Exemption Form: Each year, local sections are responsible for submitting their annual group exemption form to AIHA.  By submitting a group exemption form, local sections do not need to apply for fed​eral tax exempt status since national AIHA has obtained a group exemption under 501(c)(6).

  • Form 990-N : Local sections must also submit a Form 990-N directly to the IRS.  Failure to complete a 990-N for three consecutive years will result in the revocation of a local section's tax exempt status. To reinstate a local sections tax-exempt status (due to the failure of completing Form 990EZ or 990N), local sections must file either Form 1023 or Form 1024; and pay the appropriate user fee. Read more about ​ reinstatement.

Liability Insurance

AIHA provides general liability insurance to local sections.  The insurance protects against slips and falls or other accidents that may occur at a local section meeting.  To request a certificate of insurance copy, please contact the Local Sections Relations Manager.

AIHA also provides insurance to directors and officer​s, in case they are sued for performing their duties, as they relate to the local section.

Local Sections Council (LSC)

The Local Section Council (LSC) purpose is t​o promote the continued growth and well-being of local sections and to be the liaison between sections and the AIHA Board. The LSC does not supplant the function of board coordinators for individual local section needs, but tries to fulfill collective needs that benefit all local sections.

Local Section Operations Manual

​Questions about local section related business? Check out the online Local Section Operations Manual.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The intended purpose of the MOU is to:

  • Clarify how AIHA and local sections can strengthen and benefit each other

  • Outline uniform expectations for local sections, the Local Sections Council, and AIHA

  • Provide support for both AIHA local sections and AIHA on matters such as tax filings, liability insurance and use of the copyrighted logo

If there are any questions about the Memorandum of Understanding, please contact Thursa La.

Local Section Officer Roster

Local sections should submit a new officer roster form each year. AIHA recommends sending an updated roster within two weeks of a local section election.

Outreach Guide: Best Practices for Increasing Student Involvement 

A key local section activity includes reaching out to and involving students and early career professionals.  A recent survey by the AIHA Student and Early Career Professionals Committee (SECP) found that many local sections conduct innovative outreach activities and are actively involved with students in their area. Read the survey results and learn best practices for increasing student and early career professional involvement within your local section.

Publication Discounts

AIHA will offer a 15 percent discount on all member and non-member publication rates when orders are placed at, and up to two weeks following, a local section meeting. Simply contact AIHA and ask for order forms and publications catalogs.

Recruitment - Mailing List 

In support of local section membership recruitment efforts, AIHA will provide local sections with a list of national AIHA members residing within the local section region.  To request a list, contact Local Section Relations.

Roles and Responsibilities 

Interested in learning about the roles and responsibilities of the Local Section Council or local section officers as they relate to the AIHA governance process? See pages 21-23 in the AIHA Roles and Responsibilities document.

Request Speakers for an Upcoming Local Section Meeting

  • Aaron Trippler, Director of Government Affairs for AIHA: Want to know what's happening in Washington with occupational safety and health? Will the administration address OH & S issues? Learn this and more from Aaron Trippler, AIHA's Director of Government Affairs. Email Aaron Trippler to book him as a guest speaker for an upcoming local section meeting.

  • Regional OSHA Representative: As part of the AIHA-OSHA alliance, a regional OSHA representative can present at your local section meeting.  If interested, please contact Todd Briggs, Program Analyst for the AIHA-OSHA alliance activities.

  • Speakers Bureau: Local section leaders can recruit speakers to local section meetings using the Speakers Bureau.  Section leaders can use the list to request speakers based on a specific topic area. The list is actively growing and consists of members from various AIHA Volunteer Groups.

Sponsor a Student Local Section 

Lead the way for a new IH community by reaching out to nearby colleges and universities and helping them form student local sections. Local sections are encouraged to sponsor at least one student local section.

Submitting to The Synergist

Local sections are encouraged to submit articles to The Synergist for publication. Articles can be short or long news items, depending on what you want to report. Photos are always a great addition to any story (or can even be submitted alone with caption information). Please note that photos must be of a reproducible quality and need to be sent individually, not embedded in other files or documents. They need to be in a standard format such as tif, jpg or eps, and created at a resolution of at least 300 dpi or higher to achieve the best quality presentation. As a frame of reference for publication length, a full-page article is 750 words, a half-page item would be 375 words, and quarter-page pieces are 188 words. Any items we receive will run with the author's name(s), which means we need to receive a short biography for all authors to run at the end of the item. This bio contact information needs to include job title and location as well as phone number and e-mail address.​

Sections can also advertise any upcoming local section meetings in The Synergist. All submissions should be sent to the Managing Editor.