Local Section Announcements

Evolution. Progress. Leadership.

In 2017, AIHA developed a report to review findings obtained through Local Section surveys over the past decade. Additionally, the report outlined strategies and tactics to address the challenges of interaction between AIHA and its LSs and devised the following goals to achieve a high-functioning and progressive AIHA LS network: 

  • Proactive LS member support and engagement
  • Willingness among diverse members to take leadership positions within LSs
  • Sufficient and high-quality educational/professional development opportunities
  • Effective ongoing communication among LS members
  • Maximum utilization of AIHA national resources and staff to support LS initiatives
  • Serve as a resource to their communities on IH matters and, when possible, serve as spokespersons on critical state or local issues that have IH-related implications (in accordance with AIHA policy)

The following action steps were proposed:

  • Hold a Local Section Summit, to include LS leadership, the AIHA CEO, key staff and AIHA Board liaisons.

  • Draft an implementation plan.

  • Set the stage for success.



On June 3-4, 2018, AIHA national convened a summit with the goal to gain input and develop recommendations on how LSs can work with one another and with the Local Section Council, Local Section regional representatives and AIHA national to enhance the LS member experience.

Summit attendees represented a cross-section of LS officers as well as a LSRRs, LSC officers, LS Board liaisons and key staff who support LS. 

The participants reviewed the current structure and processes of LSs and then identified where they could grow, with the support of national. The meeting highlighted that many LS leaders were unfamiliar with the LSC and with their membership on the council. The meeting closed with an enthusiastic commitment to working on three action teams: creation of a Catalyst community site for the summit attendees so they could continue their discussion and work, activation of an LS officers Catalyst site and an extensive action list for the LSC officers. The action list included the following:  

  • Work toward the goal of engaging over 100 LSC members through task force members committing to be active on the LS leader Catalyst community and spreading the word to their leaders, regional representatives increasing communication with local leaders and LSC chairs increasing outreach to LSs.

  • Set up action teams to continue discussion about four areas: establishing a process for engaging incoming LSC members, energizing the LS leaders Catalyst group, creating an ambassador program and optimizing the regional representative role. 



Based on the recommendations from the Local Section Summit held in June 2018, a Local Section Task Force meeting was held on November 9, 2018, comprising AIHA Board officers and directors, an LSC officer, LSRRs (past and present), LS leadership and AIHA staff. The meeting’s goal was to explore ways to build a stronger relationship between AIHA national and LSs. Participants discussed the LSC, LSRRs and Student Local Sections.

Discussions took place about the LSC, LSRR and Student Local Sections (SLS).

After extensive discussion, the LS Task Force made the following recommendations:

  1.  Sunset the LSRR positions. 
  2. Tranisition the LSC  into a new Local Section Advisory Group, comprising a cross-functional team of LS members (selected by LS officers), Student LS members (selected by SLS officers), AIHA Board liaisons and a staff liaison to collectively represent the sections. 

Because AIHA bylaws specifically reference the LSC, a bylaws amendment is required and will be scheduled for a membership vote in mid-2019. 

To LEARN MORE (AIHA member login required) about the proposed changes and to submit comments visit the AIHA Member Center.