Student Local Sections

Participation in a student local section is one of the primary paths to association leadership and is an excellent way for interested students to get active in the association and the industrial hygiene profession. 

Student Local Section Benefits

As a member of a student local section, you have the opportunity to network with other OEHS students, explore new ideas, and gain valuable insights.

  • Sharpen your skills with professional development opportunities

  • Enhance your leadership abilities by volunteering for an officer role

Student Local Sections Council 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Local Sections Council is to promote the continued effectiveness and efficiency of AIHA student local sections, to serve as a liaison among student local sections, and to provide collective student local sections positions to the AIHA Board and national AIHA office thru the Local Section Council.


  • Assemble, evaluate and disseminate information relevant to student local sections.

  • Expand and communicate programs of mutual interest to the student local sections.

  • Help student local section officers better manage student local section operations.

  • Foster collaboration and community across all student local sections.


Each student local section's two highest-ranking officers—traditionally the president and president-elect—have seats on the Student Local Sections Council. The Student Local Sections Council is led by a chair, vice chair and secretary. The Student Local Sections Council is overseen by the Student Local Sections Council Advisor. See the organizational chart of the Local Sections Council and Student Local Sections Council.

Student Local Sections Council Officers

  • Chair: Vacant

  • Vice Chair: Vacant

  • Secretary: Vacant

  • Past Chair: Roger Lu (University of Michigan)

  • Student Local Sections Council Advisor: Bruce Donato (Local Sections Council Vice Chair)

Student Local Sections Council Charter

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the Student Local Sections Council, review their charter

Student Local Section Business 

Amending Student Local Section Bylaws

Student Local Section bylaws can be amended at any time throughout the year. Please remember that amended bylaws must be sent to AIHA for approval. Student Local sections can use the new sample model bylaws as a reference guide. If you need a copy of your student bylaws, please contact the Local Section Relations Manager.

Officer Roster

Student local sections should submit a new Officer Roster each year. AIHA recommends sending an updated roster within two weeks of a student local section election.

Board Coordinator Assignments

All AIHA Student Local Sections are assigned an AIHA Board Coordinator and a Local Section Regional Representative.  Assignment is based on the sponsoring local section of the student section.

Student Local Section Liaison

All student local sections should have an individual assuming the role of a local section liaison. The role of Liaison should be appointed by the Local Section President and is preferably a recent graduate from the student section or an engaged individual within your section.  This individual acts as a direct bridge between the student and professional groups.  The AIHA Students and Early Career Professionals (SECP) committee suggests that the core functions of the Liaison should include:

  • Maintaining contact with both Local Section and Student Local Section leaders to ensure continued communication

  • Working with the Student Local Section in identifying group goals and then assisting with establishing appropriate connections in the Industrial Hygiene community

  • Assisting in developing and maintaining a Local Section and Student Local Section exchange site or email list to be used for communication between the groups

  • Developing a list of local organizations and businesses that are interested in providing opportunities for students to gain knowledge in the field (i.e. internships, shadowing, mentoring)

  • Ensuring that the Local Section and Student Local Section are aware of the events promoted by each group

  • Promoting Local and National AIHA events and providing additional information when available

  • Providing continuity from semester to semester as a means of preventing the student section from having to “re-invent the wheel” after officers graduate

SharePoint Sites

Student Local sections are eligible to have their own SharePoint site free of charge​.  SharePoint allows student local sections the opportunity to store electronic files in one location.

Templates and Resource Documents

The following materials were prepared to help students with their roles as officers within a student local section. 

Video on Student Local Section Operations & Opportunities

The video below provides important information regarding student local section operation and student opportunities.  All new officers are highly encouraged to watch this video to help them understand the structure and requirements of a student local section.