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Words from the San Diego President

Dear SDAIHA Members,
Cheers to a New Year!  I am super excited to represent SDAIHA as the 2017 President.  It was only three years ago when I attended my first local section meeting as a recent public health graduate, with resume in hand and an eager desire to network with Environmental, Health and Safety professionals.  I never imagined how many doors SDAIHA would open for me, and for this, I am extremely grateful to the organization and its members.
First, I would like to express a word of gratitude to our former president, Kathryn Johanski, for her presidency, mentorship, and support.  It was wonderful working alongside her in 2016.  As the current president, I will work hard to continue Kathryn’s leadership legacy. 
For the next year, I would like to continue the necessary work to keep this organization afloat and thriving.  One of the greatest challenges that lie ahead with the organization is the decrease numbers in membership and the lack of education outreach activities.  You may or may not know this, but the number of practicing industrial hygienists in the nation is dwindling.  Though we are a small and specialize group, we are also highly sought after in areas of industry, oil and gas, government, and various other fields. Therefore, the need for qualified and certified industrial hygienists is greater than ever before.   
The aim for 2017 is to make SDAIHA more attractive to our members and potential future members. One of my goals is to explore more efficient and effective ways to recruit new members while maintaining current membership numbers.  My fellow board members and I want to know what we can do as an organization to empower our members, and to provide them with resources that are relevant to their professional development. In addition, we desire to reformat the organization’s structure to reflect current needs, create innovative and convenient communication solutions for our members (social media development and website updates) and create more transparency with the organization’s workings.
We have much in stored this year including our bi-monthly meetings held at Admiral Baker Clubhouse, our “Hot Topics” series, youth outreach and networking events, fundraisers, and our annual Professional Development Symposium (PDS).  These are very ambitious goals, but with our amazing executive board and the continued support of our members, I strongly believe they will be achieved.
Please do not hesitate in sharing your ideals and suggestions concerning the workings of SDAIHA.  I openly invite our members to share this information so that we as an executive board can work together to fulfill your needs. In addition, I would like to encourage members to serve as an executive officer and/or a committee volunteer. 
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to contribute to the growth of our organization.  We have so much in store for this year! 
“An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success.” - M. Shawn Covey
“An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.” - Dee Hock
Let’s work!
Monica N. Netherly, MPH, ASP
2017 President