Open Call for AIHA Technology Initiatives Strategic Advisory Group

Purpose and O​​bjectives 

At the July and November 2018 Board meetings, the group discussed the importance of AIHA staying at the forefront of technology. While we have invested a significant amount of resources (financial and staff labor) to upgrade our internal systems (i.e., new common platform for association databases as well as data management systems for the three LLCs), we have not developed a strategic plan that addresses external-facing technological tools for our membership. While we have focused on new technology tools such as our online community, Catalyst and a new and improved website coming in 2019, much more can be done to harness exciting transformative technologies for our members. Such tools can include Apps, virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, and predictive analytics tools useful for industrial hygienists, to name a few. During a recent call with leadership of the Computer Applications Committee and AIHA, the consensus was that we need to develop an external-facing technology roadmap to explore where AIHA currently stands with respect to existing technology and how the Association can strategically and proactively move toward an envisioned future of where AIHA should be.

The purpose of the AIHA Technology Initiatives Strategic Advisory Group is to draft a strategic plan that outlines where AIHA should invest its resources across multiple technology initiatives to bring them into a cohesive and complementary whole for the Association as well as to move these initiatives forward. Subgroups may be created from the broader advisory group as necessary to help specifically address individual projects such as a new Global AIHA App for smart phones and other devices, voice-activated virtual assistant skills, and other ideas. 

For the Global AIHA App, we already have a vendor who can manage the AIHce conference App which, incidentally, can provide additional functionalities under its platform, which might span both free member benefits and fee-for service options. 

Potential ideas include:

  • Integrating selec​ted Emergency Response Planning Guide (ERPG) data (with option to purchase full access)

  • Exploring a partnership with ACGIH in which selected Threshold Limit Value (TLV) data might be included (with option to purchase the convention book)
  • Links to online AIHA education and other technical resources
  • Quick Search Membership directory
  • And more

For the virtual assistant project, we need strategic thinking about what types of skills and assistance we want these virtual assistants to be able to provide our members. This strategic thinking can begin with questions such as: Who are our audiences and what new audiences do we want to reach? What types of virtual assistant programs/lists should AIHA begin developing versus what can vendors or companies associated with the Association be doing?

Issues to be discussed include:

  • Development of decision logic for s​kills that would be useful for members

  • Consensus on specifically what data should be integrated 
  • Free vs fee-based (premium) options
  • Strategic IT Task Force Composition

The group is to be comprised of seven (7) members representing a cross-section of the AIHA membership. Each member serves a three-year term. Terms are staggered so that as members rotate off they are replaced with new members. The committee will also have an AIHA Board Liaison appointed by the AIHA President; this individual does not serve as Chair or Vice Chair. The AIHA President selects a Vice Chair from among those committee members entering their second year of service. The Vice Chair becomes the Chair in his/her third year of service. Terms commence and end at AIHce.

Strategic IT Advisory Group Selection Process

The process of selecting new members begins with an open call for applications to the AIHA membership. Applications are reviewed, and selections made by the AIHA Board. Selections are made to ensure that the committee maintains as broad a diversity of representation as is reasonably possible. 

Committee members must be current and active members of AIHA and are selected to provide a balanced representation of: 

  • Industry sectors (corporate, ​academia, consulting, government)

  • Early, mid and late-career professionals
  • History of involvement in international affairs
  • Areas of professional practice a​nd specialty

Strategic IT Advisory Group Responsibilities

Members are expected to: 

  • Attend in-person meetings as identified and agreed to by the members (typically one held during AIH​ce), as well as participate in periodic conference calls throughout the year

  • Conduct activities in accordance with relevant AIHA policies, procedures, and priorities 
  • Periodically review the AIHA international strategies to determine whether this group is effectively supporting AIHA’s mission
  • Provide documentation from all sta​ges of implementation of the strategy

General Time Commitment

  • Quarterly conference calls (each last​ing 1 to 1.5 hr) 

  • One in-person meeting (TBD)
  • Email correspondence as ne​eded


  • Accountable to the AIH​A Board of Directors

  • Agree to uphold and abide by the AIHA Bylaws, Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct policies

Nominations will be accepted until close of business on January 21, 2019. Self-nominations will be accepted.

The AIHA Board of Directors will review submittals from all interested parties. We hope to have decisions made within 3 weeks of the deadline stated above. On occasion, our review may take longer due to travel, schedules, or unforeseen circumstances. If that is to happen and you have not heard from us within 1 month, please reach out to Peter Hanley, Managing Director, Technology Initiatives​. We will be in touch as soon as we have an update. Thank you for your patience.​​​​​

Application Form

Please submit a resume that includes information outlining the following:

  • Industry sectors currently and previously worked (corporate, academia, consulting, government)
  • History of involvement in international affairs
  • Areas of professional practice and specialty