Special Interest Groups (SIG)

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AIHA members can serve on a number of special interest groups that help to disseminate the AIHA mission statement to AIHA members, the OEHS community, and the general public. Visit the SIG web pages to learn more about individual SIG objectives.

  • Academic SIG
  • Fellows SIG
  • Minority SIG


This document outlines the Code of Conduct for all members and volunteers of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and summarizes the behavior expected of members and volunteers representing AIHA in any forum, mailing list, public meetings or private correspondence.​

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Policy

Approved March 13, 1997, Revised October 29, 2000

  1. AIHA creates and supports Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to benefit the association, its members and the profession.

  2. Any member, group of members or committee may petition the AIHA president to form a SIG.  Such petitions shall be in writing through the CEO.

  3. The president is empowered to form a SIG on a provisional basis.  Approval of the SIG name, organization and its rules of operation shall be obtained from the Board of Directors within one year of formation.

  4. The Board of Directors is empowered to dissolve a SIG, without cause, by a simple majority vote.

  5. At least thirty members must join the SIG at its inception.

  6. For the purposes of formation, board coordination, governance, finances and removal, a SIG is considered a special administrative entity within AIHA.

  7. Each SIG shall develop an annual business plan and budget for approval by the AIHA Finance Committee and Board of Directors.

  8. SIGs shall conform to, and assist in the implementation of AIHA bylaws, policies and strategic plans.

  9. Only members of the national AIHA organization may be members of an AIHA SIG.

  10. Each SIG shall have officers (chair, vice chair, secretary), unlimited membership and no time limits on membership.

  11. Each independent SIG shall have a Board Coordinator assigned by the AIHA President.

  12. The CEO shall support and implement these policies and provide a brief report for annual review by the Board.

  13. Each SIG shall hold a membership meeting at least once a year, preferably at AIHce.

  14. Each SIG shall provide regular AIHA updates and important information to their members.

  15. No SIG shall be formed which has the same focus as an existing technical committee unless the technical committee is incorporated into the SIG.

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