Student Local Section Operations

Amending Student Local Section Bylaws

Student Local Section bylaws can be amended at any time throughout the year. Please remember that amended bylaws must be sent to AIHA for approval. Student Local Sections can base their bylaws off of the model bylaws or use it as a reference guide. If you need a copy of your student bylaws, please contact AIHA

Leadership Workshop

Each year AIHA hosts a Leadership Workshop program for Local Section and Student Local Section Presidents-Elect. This exciting event focuses on the three core pillars as determined by the AIHA volunteer community: outreach, engagement, and collaboration. We explore the contemporary examples of the three pillars in a fast paced, interactive, and progressively designed program led by a professional facilitator. AIHA will cover hotel and airfare accommodations for one representative from each student local section.  To learn more about the program, please contact AIHA.

Officer Roster

Student local sections should submit a new officer roster each year. AIHA recommends sending an updated roster within two weeks of a student local section election.

Store Your Documents

Student Local Sections are eligible to have their own SharePoint site free of charge​.  SharePoint allows student local sections the opportunity to store electronic files in one location. If you are interested in having a SharePoint site for your student local section, please contact AIHA.  

Templates and Resource Documents

The following materials were prepared to help students with their roles as officers within a student local section.