• Controlling Silica Exposures in Construction (OSHA 3362-05) 

    This OSHA guidance document addresses the control of silica exposures in construction.    The document is divided into nine sections that cover different construction operations. Eight are for specific equipment or operations: Stationary Masonry Saws, Handheld Masonry Saws, Hand-Operated Grinders, Tuckpointing/Mortar Removal, Jackhammers, Rotary Hammers and Similar Tools, Vehicle-Mounted Rock Drilling Rigs, and Drywall Finishing. The other section addresses general housekeeping operations and dust control through the use of dust suppressants.

  • Designing Dust Hoods for Better Dust Containment 

    This two-hour webinar will review the types of hoods commonly used and the process/dust collection interface issues, particle characteristics, and environmental conditions to address in hood design.  Videos will aid the participant in visualizing how hoods work and some of the more common interferences. 

  • Fan Performance Troubleshooting Guide

    This technical note contains a good introduction to how fan systems work, common fan calculations, and system effects.   Five case studies are used to demonstrate common issues, and an air performance troubleshooting flow chart is provided.  Excellent use of diagrams, figures, and charts to demonstrate concepts.    

  • Filtered, Tempered, Supplied-Air Cab 

  • In order to avoid mandatory long-term use of PPE when performing bulk handling of lead or other types of contamination, use of a cab with built-in engineering controls could be considered.

  • Hazard Evaluation and Preventive Recommendations for an Unusual Confined Space Issue in an Opera Set Design

  • An interesting case study for instituting preventive controls and practices to reduce potential for hazardous environments and scenarios during an opera performance/rehearsal. Use of novel approach to ensure safe conditions for a unique confined space (a coffin). 
  •  Understanding Fan System Effects

    The air moving industry uses a common term to describe certain inlet and outlet conditions that adversely affect fan performance. The term used is "system effect".  This article describes system effects for various fans designs, and ways to minimize these effects.  Other articles on this website describe other fan technical information.