Submit an Incident

Lessons-Learned Incident Reporting Process

Our committee website features a compendium of various reports on health and safety incidents in laboratories. The reports were written from a “lessons learned” perspective providing readers with leading information to help identify and prevent reoccurrence of similar incidents in their organizations. The lab incident reports section is among the most frequently visited section within the AIHA web site.

In view of the interest and value-added service to the membership, here is our process for creating and posting lessons-learned incident reports:

  • Each full committee member must prepare and submit at least one report each calendar year. Corresponding members are encouraged to also submit incident reports as demonstration of their commitment to become full members.

  • The report should be about an incident with which you have familiarity, and whenever practical, the subject should be in your area of practice and expertise.

  • The reports should contain the following elements:

    • Title

    • Date of incident

    • Category:  Animal, Asphyxiation, Autoclave, etc.

    • Key learnings

    • Effects of incident

    • Description

    • Causation

    • Corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence

    • Attachments:  Photos, charts, etc.

  • The reports should not reveal where the incident occurred, the name of the organization nor the individuals involved in the incident. 

  • Incident reports should be submitted to Committee member Joe Damiano. Joe has volunteered to coordinate the process.

  • Joe will edit the reports, solicit review from other committee members, if needed, and return the document to the submitter for final review prior to posting it on our website. 

  • Joe will forward the reports in monthly batches to the AIHA staff liaison for posting on our website.