Technical Topics - Fire Safety


Flammable Storage Limits

  • NFPA Code 45 defines many factors to be considered when calculating the flammable storage limit for a given laboratory space. For instance, the maximum quantity per 100 ft2 of laboratory space rule, the selected lab hazard class (high, intermediate, low, minimal), sprinklered versus unsprinklered, storage practices – quantities in storage cabinets and out in the open lab space, the limits for Class I only and Classes I, II, and IIIA combined and also the limits on container sizes based on container material type and container size.

NFPA 704 Diamond Labeling

  • NFPA 704: Standard for the Identification of the Fire Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response, 2012 Edition, This link provides important information including current edition document scope information, date of next revision cycle, (2017), Staff Liaison name, (the NFPA code expert to contact for code interpretation questions) and E-mail link, code table of contents, link for document preview, and technical committee errata for current code.  NFPA 704 can be viewed or purchased at this link.

  • NFPA Fire Protection Guide To Hazardous Materials, 2010 edition provides NFPA 704 diamond ratings for  160 chemicals as well as updated hazard "diamond" ratings in NFPA 325, the 2001 NFPA 704, including guidance on rating mixtures, options for rating multiple chemical areas, location of placards, and more. 

  • The MSDS Hyper Glossary provides a good overview of the NFPA 704 Hazard Identification rating system.

Program Content Examples


  • Oklahoma State University, Online Safety Library:  Fire Safety. This site has a comprehensive list of resources

  • Fire Safety and Fire Extinguishers in a Chemistry Laboratory,  LPI Laboratory Safety

  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids, Section 8 of OSHA's Small Business Outreach Training Program Instructional Guide provides information about specific equipment, chemicals and fire safety principals as well as information, student handouts, and a self inspection checklist.

Surge Suppressors

Training Content Examples

  • Fire Safety, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Department of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management