Laboratory Health and Safety Committee

Mission Statement

To provide a forum on the practice of industrial hygiene and safety in the laboratory and associated research and support service settings. To participate in the development and analysis of related technological and regulatory issues. 

Goals and Objectives

Goal: Assemble, evaluate, and disseminate to professional industrial hygienists and occupational and environmental health professionals information relevant to academic campuses, research and/or development centers, and medical and diagnostic facilities, collectively referred to as laboratories.

Objective #1: Develop and provide information resources to aid in prevention, identification, and control of potential exposures to chemical, biological, ergonomic, ionizing and nonionizing radiation, and physical hazards in laboratories.   


  • Provide guidance for new entrants into the laboratory industrial hygiene setting.

  • Prepare and present relevant information for publication or presentation at professional development courses.

  • Provide for a gathering of laboratory industrial hygienists at the AIHce to exchange information.

  • Solicit papers; organize sessions; and provide session arrangers, chairs, and monitors for the AIHce.

Objective #2: Identify, evaluate and comment on proposed legislation, regulations, standards and prudent industrial hygiene practices affecting laboratories. 


  • Designate specific members to track and report on identified issues.

  • Communicate with other AIHA committees that may be involved in projects related to laboratory health and safety issues.

  • Respond to AIHA Board requests to address specific issues.

Objective #3: Identify and establish liaisons with other AIHA committees and other professional organizations addressing industrial hygiene-related issues in laboratories. 


Lab Health & Safety Organizations

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