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​NIOSH is interested in (1) finding partners who can provide access to workplaces for investigation in the following areas; (2) providing information about its research in these areas; and (3) identifying Apps that would help you in your work.​​​​​

Type of Study/Workplac​​e Needed

  1. Cleaning a​nd disinfecting chemicals among healthcare workers –​ Acute respiratory effects

  2. Exposure to styrene among boat or wind blade manufacturers – respiratory health effects.
  3. Advanced Manufacturing – robotics, 3D printing, other additive manufacturing
  4. Silica Exposure – granite countertops
  5. Vape Shops
  6. Opioids – first responders, HCW, others
  7. Healthcare Workers – Nurses/nursing assistants (job stress, lower extremity disorders, long work hours)
  8. Coal tar sealants during pavement sealing
  9. Respiratory and musculoskeletal exposures in shipyards
  10. Occupational Exposures in Upstream Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  11. Evaluating the effect(s) of prolonged heat exposure on cognitive performance/ Underground or surface m​ines

  12. Design and implementation of a fatigue management system/ All mine types
  13. Understanding the prevalence, cost and functional outcomes of illnesses and chronic disease in mining/ All mine types
  14. Beyond compliance. Improving monitoring of worker exposures in mining using a risk-based approach.​​​

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