AIHA Press Proposal

​The application form below outline the steps needed to propose the development of an AIHA publication. Completed forms should be submitted to the AIHA Product Development staff at the above address.

NOTE: This proposal process does not preclude someone from writing a book on his/her own and then coming to AIHA Press with a finished or nearly finished book as a proposal for publications. Additionally, AIHA Product Development staff makes no guarantees about what it will do with a proposal.

Submission of a P​roposal

  • All individuals, committees, or organizations seeking publication through AIHA Press must complete the attached fo​rm.

  • Proposal may be submitted via fax, mail or email to AIHA — ATTN: Katie Robert, Manager.
  • Publication proposals will be reviewed by the AIHA Press Publications Team and the AIHA Publications Committee.
  • Staff will notify the author/contact person regarding the outcome of the proposal. Publication proposal reviews generally take 4–6 weeks.
  • If staff and the Publications Committee disagree on the approval of a project, the proposal will be forwarded to the AIHA Executive Committee for review and final decision. (This step may take up to an additional 4-6 weeks.)
  • Once a publication proposal form is approved, authors will be asked to sign a transfer of copyright form acknowledging that all subsequent work on the project will be the exclusive property of AIHA. All
  • participants on an approved AIHA publication will also be required to sign a Conflict of Interest Form. This form will be distributed by AIHA Product Development staff.
  • Projects and publications generated by an AIHA Technical Committee are the exclusive property of AIHA.

Project Development and​ Technical Review

  • Proposals mu​st include an outline of the planned peer or technical review.

  • Project authors or committee persons must submit their work to appropriate AIHA technical committees with a request for review and feedback.
  • If necessary, the work should be revised to reflect the peer review feedback.
  • If no peer review document is included with the final manuscript, the Publications Committee/AIHA reserves the right to select reviewers for the product.

Submission of Manuscripts or Documents for Publication

  • Once a proposal is accepted, the author(s) will be expected to submit a final document within 9 to 12 months, depending on the project timeline established by AIHA Pro​duct Development staff and agreed to by all author(s).

  • At least every 2 months, the AIHA Product Development staff will request a progress report.
  • With publications, author(s) are expected to provide outlines, completed chapters, etc., during the development process. Note: this information will be used by the AIHA Marketing Department to begin product promotion. This also speeds up layout and editing, and assists in getting the product to market in a timely manner.
  • AIHA staff or the Publications Committee may also assign a committee member to act as a project steward to assist the author(s) or committee in developing the manuscripts as needed.
  • Once a document or manuscript is completed, the contact person or author is expected to submit the completed project to AIHA staff, who will then submit it to the appropriate committee of final review, if necessary.
  • Once a manuscript is accepted, it will be assigned to a staff project manager who will be in charge of the publication process, including editing and interfacing with AIHA Marketing and outside vendors as required.

Proposal Form

General Information

(please check the highest one that applies)
Are you an individual author submitting on behalf of an AIHA Technical Committee?
Names and addresses of additional authors/contributors.

Proposal Information

(check all that apply)

(check all that apply)
Classify the material according to its time sensitivity.
Identify the anticipated project life cycle.
List specific names and contact information for any known potential customers/organizations that
AIHA might contact.
Brief description of proposed project.
Purpose of proposed work?

Physical Description/Development Issues

Note: To ensure the most efficient processing of your project, please plan to submit the final version of your work in both hard copy and computer disk form. IBM-compatible disks (3.5 inch) using Microsoft Word® word processing is required.

You may also e-mail the electronic file to AIHA.

Estimated number of final manuscript pages.
Estimated number of chapters/sections.
Estimated number of photographs.
How many of these photos can you provide directly?
Estimated number of line drawings/illustrations.
Will the services of a technical writer be needed to develop the manuscript?
Please describe any other special feature not included above (e.g., color reproductions, oversized
illustrations, special graphs, etc.)
Describe any possible special packaging requirements of which AIHA should be aware.


(check all that apply)