Career and Employment Services Committee

The Career and Employment Services (CES) Committee assists the membership of AIHA in identifying employment/career opportunities and provides forums to the membership to enhance interviewing, job search, and career transition skills.
Industrial Hygiene in the News

AIHA member Paula Kaufmann, CIH, EHS Director for Emilcott, was recently featured in a video segment on The Wall Street Journal’s website. The video “Career Paths: How Industrial Hygienists Save Lives,” created by reporter Alexandra Cheney, appears in a section of the WSJ's website focused on career exploration for college graduates.
Companies Desperate to Fill IH Jobs
Yahoo’s finance site, Investopedia, listed industrial hygiene as one of the top seven jobs employers are desperate to fill. AIHA is working diligently to contact Yahoo staff to correct the misinformation contained in the article.  Updated information will be posted as it comes available.
CES Committee Goals and Objectives
Goal 1: Assemble and disseminate job opportunities to the membership and clients to enhance the future of industrial hygiene.
Objective #1: Offer monthly position openings publication.
Goal: Research and identify organizations seeking to employ environmental and occupational health professionals.
Objective #2: Assist with employment services operations during AIHce and other conferences.
Objective #3: Offer interviewing and employment opportunities.
  • Research job market.
  • Network with other related professional associations.

Goal 2: Present annual Career Advantage Forum at AIHce.
Objective #1: To assist members with timely and pertinent career information.
Strategy: Provide career transition counseling.
Goal 3: Meet annually at the AIHce and as needed.
Interested in joining the Career and Employment Services Committee? Get involved! Contact Bill Nichols, CES Chair, today.