Computer Applications Committee

Mission Statement 

To provide a forum for advancing the use of computer applications by occupational and environmental health professionals.


Assemble, evaluate, and disseminate information relevant to computer applications and information systems to occupational and environmental professionals. Actively participate in identifying and responding to computer issues. 

​Membership Diversity

Achieve and maintain an active membership encompassing a broad range of industries, education, certifications and experience reflective of health and safety practice in computer applications and systems issues.​

Advocacy and Influence

Discuss and act upon computer applications and information systems issues. Establish and maintain a formal relationship with AIHA and other committees active in computer applications development.


Provide education and training on computer applications and information systems issues by development of PDC’s and other outreach opportunities.

Operational Excellence

Achieve and maintain excellence in committee operations through judicious use of volunteer resources, active engagement with all related AIHA volunteer groups and staff, and formalized mentoring and development of members.

The Computer Applications Committee is a recognized model for operational excellence within the AIHA driven by a diverse group of dedicated and energized professionals encompassing the broad demographics of health and safety activities in computer applications. The Committee is actively engaged in advocacy within the Association and works to influence the direction of computer applications and information systems issues for health and safety research and education. The committee is a recognized source of science-based information and is committed to outreach with future professionals, the existing AIHA membership, and the general public​.


  • IH Calculator App
  • Database of Apps Used by Health and Safety Prfessionals


  • Chair: Michael T. Groh, CIH, CSP
  • Vice Chair: Jennifer K. Shin, CIH
  • Secretary: Monica E. Melkonian, MS, CIH
  • Past Chair: Richard A. Newman, CIH