Computer Applications Committee

Mission Statement

To provide a forum for advancing the use of computer applications by occupational and environmental health professionals.  

Goals and Objectives

Assemble, evaluate, and disseminate to occupational and environmental health professionals information relevant to computer applications and information systems.

Objective #1: Discuss and act upon computer applications and information systems issues.

  • Designate specific members to track and report on identified issues.
  • Respond to AIHA Board requests to address specific issues.
  • Solicit papers; organize sessions; and provide session arrangers, chairs, and monitors for the AIHCE.

Objective #2: Provide education and training on computer application issues.
Strategy: Develop new professional development courses (PDCs) and keep existing PDCs up-to-date.
Goal: Actively participate in identifying and responding to computer application issues.
Objective #3: Identify and assess needs of occupational and environmental health professionals for computerized applications.
  • Review and report on available software.
  • Recommend actions necessary for the development of new software to meet needs of occupational and environmental health professionals.
  • Assist occupational and environmental health professionals in the identification, evaluation, selection, and use of manual and automated information systems.
  • Work with the ACGIH Computer Committee on issues of mutual interest.
  • Interface with AIHA committees that are addressing computer applications as related to that committee's particular area of responsibility.
  • Provide leadership in standard setting, such as a generic industrial hygiene data coding system to facilitate comparison of data from different systems.


Following is a brief summary of activities of the Computer Applications Committee. For more information, contact the chair.
Publications, Recent and in Progress:
  • Provides computer software reviews for The Synergist periodically and as needed.

Professional Development Courses (PDCs) and Other Educational Activities:
  • PDC #307 Intro to Hand-Held Computers (PDAs) (AIHCE 2002)
  • Forum 232 - PDA Applications for the Working IH (AIHCE 2002)
    Platform Session 135 Computer Applications in Industrial Hygiene (AIHCE 2002)

Other Activities:
  • Assists AIHA technical committees/national office with extended e-mail projects.
  • Provides support to committees and local section to maintain an Internet presence (web page hosting and development).
  • Provides support and moderation for AIHA's e-mail discussion groups.
  • Provides support for AIHA Public Relations activities.

Outreach Project 

In January 1999, only two of 48 committees had homepages identified on the homepage of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, while 31 of 75 local sections are on the web. The CAC perceived a growing interest and need among committees to use the Internet as a means to facilitate communication between committee members and the membership at large.
To facilitate communication and our collective entry into the 21st century, the CAC aims to assist its fellow technical committees and local sections that are not already on the web to get there.
For those already having a presence on the Internet, the CAC will, upon request, help answer questions and provide assistance in getting the most out of your respective websites. In addition, the CAC will, resources permitting, assist you in getting your homepages online. For more information on this program, how it will operate, and future costs, a committee chairperson or other bonafide committee/section designee should promptly contact Ed Bartosh, George Hutcheson or an officer of the Computer Applications Committee.
Support Details
This is a project to provide a web home for the AIHA Committee, Local Section, and SIG WWW pages.
Use of this site is limited to formal Committees, Local Sections and SIGs of the American Industrial Hygiene Association and won't cost you a thing.
We have volunteers from the Computer Applications Committee to assist in planning, preparing and maintaining pages on this site (or elsewhere, if you wish). There are various levels and options for support.

Option 1: You Design—AIHA Hosts

There is no charge for using the AIHA server. 

If you are currently paying for website hosting service here's a way to stretch your budget!
You design and prepare your webpages. This is not a complicated procedure for general use and simple design. There are many tools available, commercial, shareware and freeware, to prepare the plain text pages that make a "webpage." CAC Project volunteers are available to answer questions.
General access to the files area is not allowed, so if you or someone else in the local section wants to design or pay for design of a homepage set, you'd need to send the pages to one of the CAC project members for posting. Please note that AIHA does not support server scripting except for a form parser that will e-mail results. See the Sacramento Valley Local Section or the Iowa-Illinois Local Section websites for examples.
Material must be professionally acceptable to be hosted. The Committee and AIHA reserve the right to deny requests to post any material we feel to be inappropriate for our Committee or Association image or interests. At this time we DO NOT support advertising on the hosted pages. We can provide a shortcut to the location of your homepage to make it easier to remember and type (e.g. "" for the Sacramento Valley Section or "" for the Iowa-Illinois Section).
NOTE: Committees must follow the AIHA web template. At this time, local sections have been exempted from this requirement (Nov 2002).
Option 2: We Design—You Host
Depending on your desires for your system, one of our volunteers could design and prepare pages for you. This would be at no charge to sections and committees as well, but would be subject to volunteer availability.
Once the pages are prepared, the files would be transferred to you for placement with your Internet Service Provider. Please provide us with the web address so that we may link to your new pages.

Option 3: We Design—AIHA Hosts

Space is provided on the AIHA server. We will work with you on designing as in Option 2. As stated earlier, there is no charge for using the AIHA server.

So let us know... For comments or more information, contact an officer of the Computer Applications Committee.