Construction Committee


The AIHA Construction Committee creates and promotes knowledge to protect the health and safety of workers in the construction sector.


The AIHA Construction Committee works towards the elimination of occupational illness and injury in hte construction industry through advocacy, education and the promotion of industrial hygiene practices.

Our Core Values

Professionalism: committee members possess knowledge and expertise pertinent to the construction industry and practice within their scope. 

Integrity: committee members develop and disseminate unbiased, balanced, state-of-the-art science-based health and safety information that strengthens the construction industry community.

Commitment: committee members support the core values of the committee and agree to set aside time to advancing the committee goals

Engagement: committee members participate in open and detailed study and dialogue within the committee, with other committees, with other health and safety professionals, and within the construction industry. 

Our Goals

  1. Provide a recognized source of science-based information to the construction industry and is committed to outreach with emerging professionals, existing AIHA membership and the public.

  2. Develop and disseminate industrial hygiene and related content focusing on hazards within construction.

  3. Support partnerships with government, industry, workers and academia to further industrial hygiene practice within construction and influence the direction of construction health and safety research and education.

  4. Maintain and develop liaisons with other AIHA committees to develop content and tools that will benefit the construction industry.

  5. Provide education and outreach to local sections and educational facilities to further the industrial hygiene profession and competencies.


Corrosive Drywall: A Guidance Document 

The committee wrote a document focusing on assessing structures for Corrosive Drywall and overseeing corrective measures. It includes procedures and supporting information for field practitioners and is intended to help answer basic questions such as, "Does my home or building have CDW?" and "How can I restore normal air quality?" In this document, the term "remediation" is limited to the decontamination process (i.e., removal/ treatment) and will not address restoration of corrosion damage. The document was co-sponsored by the Construction Committee and the IEQ Committee.


Silica Competent Persons White Paper
"Recommended Skills And Capabilities For Silica Competent Persons White Paper" is now available through AIHA's Government Affairs by going here. 


Corrosive Drywall White Paper
As announced in an Oct. 13, 2010, press release, the white paper identifies the problems posed by corrosive drywall and the role of science in understanding the resulting safety and health issues. Sponsored by the AIHA® Biosafety and Environmental Microbiology Committee, Construction Committee, and Indoor Environmental Quality Committee. 

Other Information 

Rochelle Crew Memorial Award


The Rochelle Crew memorial award is given by the AIHA Construction Committee in honor and memory of Crew, a former member of the committee and instructor for several years of construction safety PDCs.  

Crew was a strong proponent of training/education. The award, which is a plaque, is given to the best construction-related paper, presentation or PDC presented at the previous year’s AIHce. The purpose of the award is to commemorate Crew’s contributions to the committee as well as to support and encourage education and training in the industrial hygiene discipline.  

The award is given at the annual AIHce Construction Committee meeting and is open to all papers, presentations, and PDCs. PDCs, presentations and authors who have won previously are not eligible. Nominations come from Construction Committee Members. The award itself will consist of plaques given to the authors, arranger or course instructors, or whichever is appropriate.


2013 Winner - Andre Nowosiwsky 

2012 Winner - Mike Harris 

2011 Winner - David DeLaRue 

2010 Winner - Dru Sahai 

2009 Winner - Robert C. Adams, CIH, CSP 

2008 Winner - Ken Trimber 

2007 Winner - Laurence R. Lee, III, CIH 

2006 Winner - Curtis Childress, CSP 

2005 Winner - In honor and recognition of her contributions to the AIHA Construction Committee as well as her support and encouragement of education in the industrial hygiene discipline, Anthony Cuneo and the Cuneo-Crew Family were presented with the first Rochelle, CSP Crew Memorial Award in May of 2005.  ​​