Continuing Education Committee

The Mission of the Continuing Education Committee:

To ensure the highest possible quality for AIHA training programs and educational opportunities for professionals in occupational and environmental health.

The CEC's goal is to provide the membership with a planned system of high-quality continuing education instruction designed and delivered to enhance attainment and retention of technical competence by occupational and environmental health professionals.

The committee has three objectives to guide it toward this goal:

  • To identify and promote new educational programs.

  • To monitor the quality of courses presented under the auspices of the committee.

  • To improve communication with other AIHA technical committees.

In pursuing these objectives, the committee:

  • Coordinates the development and presentation of half-day and full-day professional development courses at AIHce EXP.

  • Works with the national office to periodically assess the members' needs for continuing education.

  • Reviews all courses, newly proposed and previously presented, at AIHce EXP.

  • Obtains and analyzes student evaluations, audits continuing education courses, and provides feedback of PDC results.

  • Improves participation in technical committee reviewing of PDCs and designates specific members to proactively interact with technical committees.

Generic Description of Continuing Education Committee Meetings

The Continuing Education Committee (CEC) meets four times a year, virtually and in-person. The Spring meeting is held via conference call. The Summer meeting occurs during the annual conference, AIHce EXP, at the conference site.  The mid-Summer meeting is virtual, where all courses held at AIHce EXP are critiqued, and feedback is formulated to provide to course instructors.  The Fall Meeting is held via conference call, and the meeting lasts approximately 2-3 hours, where the next years' course are selected. CEC member attendance at these meetings is mandatory.


The focus of this conference call is selection of new CEC members, who begin their term at AIHce EXP, that same year, as well as vote to identify a new Vice Chair from the existing membership.  Additional examples of items discussed include: updates on Professional Development Course (PDC) registration and on-site auditing duties/processes; the CEC role in assuring the appropriateness and quality of continuing education activities; and CEC goals for the upcoming year.


Held at AIHce-Exp, this meeting is in-person where we discuss PDCs that have been audited over the weekend, overall conference comments and provide an update of PDC registration numbers to-date.  We welcome all new members, who were voted on-to the committee at the Spring meeting, and thank outgoing members.  We also review the upcoming Mid-Summer meeting processes.


At this meeting we primarily review the attendee and monitor evaluations of the PDCs that were offered Saturday, Sunday & Thursday at the AIHce EXP. Each PDC attendee is requested to complete an online evaluation form, critiquing the course. CEC members audit both new PDCs, and PDCs that were placed on probation, the preceding year. We compile and review attendee, CEC and PDC monitor feedback. PDCs with significant failings are either placed on probation by the CEC, or they are discontinued. We suggest improvements for PDCs with minor shortcomings. After the Summer meeting, letters are sent to PDC presenters informing them of the results of the CEC evaluation.


During the Fall meeting we select PDCs for the following year’s AIHce EXP. Each year more and more PDC proposals compete for a limited number (around 55) of PDC slots at the AIHce EXP. As a result, the CEC has developed a rigorous rating process in order to eliminate bias in the selection process. In preparation for the fall meeting, proposed PDCs are reviewed and scored by at least two CEC members. When we convene, we review the CEC evaluation of the PDC proposals, and past performance, if the PDC has been previously given. We then rank-order the proposals, selecting the best proposals for inclusion into the upcoming year’s AIHce EXP.

  • Form 13 - PDC Non-select Appeal Form

  • Form 12 - Distance Learning Review Form

Questions?  Contact, Erin Breece, Program Director, Education at or +1.703.846.0749.​