Core Competencies Task Force


In 2008 a group of OEHS professionals created a document defining the core set of skills necessary for the practice of industrial/occupational hygiene. In 2012, another working group reviewed and updated this document, producing the Core Competencies for the Practice of Industrial/Occupational Hygiene. It is now five years later and time once again to review this document to ensure that it is representative of current practice in the field.


This task force is charged with reviewing and updating of the Core Competencies for the Practice of Industrial/Occupational Hygiene, to be completed by December 31, 2017. 

Selection and Q​ualifications

Applications will be reviewed and a chairperson selected by the AIHA Board of Directors Executive Committee.  The chairperson will then select additional task force members from among those who applied to serve. The task force is envisioned to have a maximum of 12 members.

Task force members will be selected on the basis of their experience and practice in the field of industrial/occupational hygiene.

Committee members should:

  • Demonstrate solid general leadership skills and the ability to be thoughtful, deliberative, and decisive

  • Work collaboratively in a group setting

  • Professionally handle differences of opinion with peers

  • Speak “as with one voice,” supporting decisions once made 

  • Represent the profession as whole and not just one practice area or specialty 

  • Think both long term and strategically as well as short-term and tactically

  • Review applications in a fair, consistent, defensible, and transparent manner


The work of the task force will require participation in conference calls and completing individual and group assignments. 

For more information, please contact Mark Milroy​.​