Exposure and Control Banding Committee

Banding strategies are recognized as a growing and evolving art and science that has become an integral component of the Industrial Hygiene profession. The committee supports the AIHA, professional organizations, national institutions, and worksite health and safety representatives by summarizing and advancing an extensive body of practical knowledge and professional experience on the control and management of chemical exposures and other occupational and environmental health and safety risks. Our aim is to protect a global workforce that faces diminishing resources while confronting an increasing number of risks. We are always looking for collaborative opportunities with other AIHA committees, outside stakeholders, and volunteer assistance to fulfill our Mission and Goals. 


To support and promote the application of banding strategies for the simplified assessment of occupational risk, selection of solutions and controls, and reduction of work-related health, safety, and environmental risks globally.


Goal 1: Enhance knowledge and communication through hosting occupational exposure and control banding sessions at conferences, workshops, webinars, and local section meetings. 

Goal 2: Promote and develop exposure and control banding methodologies and strategies through collaboration with organizations and institutions nationally and internationally. 

Goal 3: Implement exposure and control banding as a fundamental skillset within university curriculum, continuing education platforms so that it becomes a basis of knowledge for future certification, and a cornerstone of scientific publications. 

Goal 4: Establish innovation through the formal development of content and tools that seamlessly integrate into workplaces to reduce occupational risks. 

Goal 5: Simplify exposure and control banding methods to promote use outside of the IH profession to target small and medium size enterprises and economically developing countries.