Golden Seed Award

The Golden Seed Award is given out on behalf of the Students and Early Career Professionals (SECP) Committee to an individual who has made significant contributions to industrial hygiene, above and beyond their typical job responsibilities.  This can include contributions in the area of student development, mentoring, or early career guidance. Nominees must have demonstrated a commitment to promoting the profession of industrial hygiene, advancing the profession among students and early career professionals, and/or providing guidance and mentorship to students or early career professionals. Nominees must also be members of AIHA. The award will be presented at the Mark of Excellence Awards ceremony at AIHce EXP

Nominations for the Golden Seed Award should be submitted using the  following nomination form. Your statement should detail how your nominee meets the above criteria. Refer to the guidance on the nomination form to assist in creating an effective nomination. The deadline for nominations is March 23, 2018. For more information, please contact Brandi Kissel.
Previous awardees are highlighted include: 


Ralph W. Rogers, CIH

As an IH for the Army for over 26 years, Ralph has provided professional guidance and leadership to hundreds of IHs, many starting as young or early career professionals.  Challenging technical questions are often answered with “ask Ralph.”  Because of this, Ralph has been able to mentor young professionals through individualized attention and collaborative problem solving.  Mentees have praised Ralph’s mentoring saying, “I learned more from him during a two-week trip than I did in the classroom” and “I hope that I will be as good of a mentor as Ralph was for me.”  When mentees were asked what makes Ralph such an effective mentor, responses included his “enormous amount of enthusiasm for the IH profession” and his ability to “initiate conversations which tend to become increasingly engaging” – something very important in a profession heavily populated by introverts.  Most importantly, by encouraging and appreciating the ideas of his mentees, Ralph instills confidence by helping them realize they are valuable members of the IH profession that can make a difference.  For example, Ralph’s mentees are thankful for the safe and nonjudgmental learning environment that allows them to “think through scenarios, situations, and make decisions.”  Some truly take it to heart – as one mentee commented, “personally, it's most appreciated to be perceived as a professional who happens to be young and will benefit from [Ralph’s] calculated, influential mentoring.” In addition to making IH accessible to early career professionals, Ralph is committed to promoting the IH profession through volunteer group involvement and the communication of best practices.  Ralph’s mentorship and guidance has and will continue to shape new leaders in the IH profession.  His natural mentoring ability, along with his technical expertise and years of service, advances the IH profession among early career professionals by providing them the knowledge, support, and confidence to tackle current and future IH issues.  


Dianna Bryant, CIH, CSP, Associate Professor at the University of Central Missouri. 

Demonstrates her passiton for the field of industrial hygiene by having mentored over 300 industrial hygiene graduate students and early career professionals for more than 25 years. Dianna's mentoring of students and early career professionals has taken many forms including coaching first-time conference presenters, introducing students to employers, supervising internships, and providing council about ethical concerns. During AIHCe, she takes the time to introduce current students with alumni so they can develop professional relationships that may serve them in the future.  Even after graduation she continues to stay in contact with former students and encourages them to achieve more. 


Michael K. Harris, PhD, CIH, FAIHA
Demonstrates his passion for the field of industrial hygiene by freely offering his time and effort to mentor anyone who asks, thereby creating a pipeline of individuals entering into industrial hygiene.  He also demonstrates his commitment by reaching out to other IHs to work on outreach and through his ongoing participation and volunteer activities with his local and the national AIHA organizations and committees.  


John R. Moore, III
Demonstrates his passion for the field of industrial hygiene through his continued efforts to reach out to students, of all ages, to make them aware of the Industrial Hygiene profession and the value of being part of an organization like AIHA. through his on-going mentoring of students and early career professionals, and through his continued participation and volunteer activities with the Georgia Local Section and the national AIHA organization and committees. His dedication to industrial hygiene, students and early career professionals has earned him the Golden Seed Award for 2014.   


Dr. Billy Bullock, Director of Industrial Hygiene at CSX Transportation and adjunct professor at Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health; Columbia Southern University; and the University of West Florida, School of Public Health. Through his engagement and support of more than 53 interns throughout his career, Billy has been described as thoughtful, approachable, knowledgeable, and responsive. Dr. Bullock has and continues to be involved with AIHA, previously holding leadership positions on several committees and currently serving on the AIHA Board of Directors.  He demonstrates his passion for the field of industrial hygiene by encouraging individuals to learn and grow. His dedication to industrial hygiene and students has earned him the Golden Seed Award for 2013. 


J. Mike Taylor, Chief Safety, Health, & Environmental Officer at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was awarded the 2012 Golden Seed Award for his dedication to the industrial hygiene profession and to providing students and early career professionals with guidance and support. Mr. Taylor is someone who actively supports and engages students and early career professionals.  He has demonstrated his commitment throughout his career by promoting the profession and supporting individuals to learn and grow.  He is recognized for his role in establishing the first local section council in Utah, his continued mentoring of students and early career professionals, his support of students through creation of intern opportunities and his assistance in preparing them to successfully achieve their certification.   We also appreciate his continued participation and volunteering in his local and the national AIHA organizations and committees, and other organizations where he represents the field of industrial hygiene.


Dr. James McGlothlin, professor at Purdue University, was awarded the 2011 Golden Seed Award for his commitment to the field of industrial hygiene, both inside and outside the classroom.  Nominations were received from the Indiana Local AIHA Section, the Purdue Student Local Section (PIHSA), students, and colleagues that he has touched through his involvement in the field of industrial hygiene.  The nominations described how Dr. McGlothlin has inspired students to move into or continue to grow in the field of industrial hygiene, energizing them about the field, the opportunities and the effect they can have on the health and lives of workers.  They pointed out how he shares his expertise, creating opportunities for them to be involved in a variety of projects and providing them with challenging and innovative learning experiences.  One of the opportunities Dr. McGlothlin created was the annual summer study-abroad program, which allows students to learn industrial hygiene around the world.  The nominations discussed his active participation with the Indiana Local Section and support and engagement with the Purdue Student Local Section and how he diligently works to involve students in AIHA committees and activities, which has helped introduce “new blood” into the field and into AIHA, enabling them to become leaders in the future of industrial hygiene.  With his help, PIHSA has won AIHA Student Local Section of the Year Award in 1999 and 2009.


Dr. Dennis Cesarotti, professor for Northern Illinois University Department of Engineering and Technology, was awarded the 2010 Golden Seed Award for his commitment to the field of industrial hygiene, both inside and outside the classroom.  Nominations from faculty, students, previous employees and colleagues highlighted his passion, his willingness to share his time and gifts, talents, keen-eye and expertise with others who wish to learn and his commitment to the development of knowledgeable professionals (inside and outside the classroom).  Due to his challenging and fun teaching style and his engagement with undergraduate and graduate students, the Department of Health and Safety at the University of Illinois experienced growth during the recent economic downturn.  Many of his students recognized Dr. Cesarotti as the professor that made a long-lasting impact in their life.  Dr. Cesarotti passed away in January of 2010.  His dedication to the field and  his selfless commitment to the growth and development of industrial hygienists have earned him the Golden Seed Award for 2010.


Julia Rosen, a certified industrial hygienist for the University of Arizona’s Risk Management, was awarded the 2009 Golden Seed Award for her commitment to students in Arizona’s industrial hygiene program. Nominations from faculty and students highlighted her enthusiastic involvement with the Arizona student local section of AIHA. Julia was also instrumental in coordinating Student Night with the AZ Local Section, soliciting the assistance of IH students to fit-test incoming medical residents, and coordinating fundraising events for the student section (tours at the UA Mirror lab and selling hearing protection at University-sponsored concerts). In addition, she continues to volunteer to provide lectures on a variety of industrial hygiene topics for MPH students and has served as preceptor for internships and advisor for technical report projects to countless students. Julia has worked to mentor early career professionals by helping mentor junior faculty in practical aspects of industrial hygiene. Her dedication to the field and to providing students with practical skills, both technical and communication, have earned Julia the Golden Seed Award for 2009.


Andrew Burgie, from the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (COEH) at Hunter College, was awarded the 2008 Golden Seed for his extraordinary involvement in community outreach. Among Andrew's many accomplishments are the incorporation of industrial hygiene into the science curriculum for multiple outlets, including preparation courses for the NY State Regent's exam in chemistry, and a course on environmental monitoring for the "Building Works" program which he himself teaches.


The inaugural award was presented to Kent Oestenstad, PhD, CIH, from the University of Alabama "for cultivating interest in the profession among students through his tireless dedication to the AIHce Graduate Poster session for over a decade."