Green Building Working Group


It is the vision of the AIHA Green Building Working Group (GBWG) to help assure that new and existing buildings and communities are sustainably designed, constructed, maintained and operated in a manner that responsibly protects and enhances the health, safety, comfort and productivity of workers, occupants and the global community.


The AIHA GBWG will contribute its professional resources and technical expertise as a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and similar organizations in a common pursuit of transforming the way buildings are designed, built, operated, maintained, demolished and reused.  This effort will protect and enhance the health, safety, comfort and the productivity of workers and occupants of those buildings and communities.


  1. Application of Scientific Principles: To promote the application of and adherence to scientific principles in the characterization and control of hazards affecting worker and occupant health, safety, comfort, and productivity in the building life-cycle. 
  2. Health & Safety Advocacy: To advocate for the integration of worker, occupant and community health, safety, comfort and productivity-related issues, as well as life-cycle and cost impacts into sustainable design criteria.
  3. Professional Development: To support the professional development of industrial hygienists by providing tools, resources and information on green and sustainable buildings and technologies.
  4. Promoting Value: To promote recognition of the value of the industrial hygiene profession among USGBC and related organizations by providing educational and technical information on industrial hygiene areas of expertise.
  5. Technical Resource: To establish the industrial hygiene profession as the technical resource in the Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment discipline related to green buildings and LEED.