International Affairs Committee

The AIHA International Affairs Committee is dedicated to promoting the advancement of the practice of occupational hygiene around the world. The IAC accomplishes this by being a focal point of contact with international organizations on professional development, technical, and educational issues.
Goal 1:  Build industrial hygiene capacity in areas of the world where it is lacking.
Objective #1: Serve as a resource for organizations, groups, and individuals outside the United States requesting assistance from AIHA on organizational, professional, or technical matters.
Objective #2: Support groups and individuals who provide industrial hygiene training, resource material and equipment in areas where they are needed.

International Affiliate Membership

An international affiliate member is an individual who resides in, and is a citizen of, a country classified by the World Bank as a low-income, lower-middle-income or upper-middle-income economy, and who is practicing occupational and environmental health and safety.
International affiliate members will have electronic-only access to the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene and The Synergist. They also will receive the same discounts on products and services as full members.
For more information on this type of membership, contact your IAC staff liaison.  

Committee Activities


  1. Provide international organizations, groups, and individuals (upon request) with resources and contacts to assist in key technical issues in industrial hygiene.
  2. Provide support to the activities of the Occupational Health Training Association (OHTA).
  3. Support industrial hygiene training courses and conferences in developing countries.
  4. Support groups and individuals who provide occupational hygiene resources in the developing world.
  5. Support continuance of affiliate memberships in the AIHA to occupational health professionals in developing countries.
  6. Support IH graduate programs in developing countries.
Goal 2: Increase international awareness of industrial hygiene and the importance of preventing occupational disease.
Objective #1: Promote public awareness of occupational health and the industrial hygiene profession
Objective #2: Promote awareness of occupational health and industrial hygiene among institutions and agencies that provide related services in developing countries, e.g. NGOs, government and public health agencies, educational institutions, labour unions, employer organizations.


  1. Develop promotional materials that can be adapted and customized to local uses.
  2. Encourage delivery of occupational health awareness programs for groups and individuals responsible for providing related services in developing countries
Goal 3: Enhance co-operation among international occupational hygiene organizations and build understanding of international issues
Objective #1: Encourage co-operation among international occupational hygiene organizations and support the development of professional industrial hygiene associations in developing countries.
Objective #2: Encourage discussion and knowledge exchange among occupational health professionals on topics relating to the preservation of occupational health and safety throughout the world.


  1. Use a variety of communication vehicles, such as Facebook, AIHA Sharepoint,  to share knowledge and provide a platform for discussion on international occupational health and safety topics. 
  2. Provide guidelines, resources and support for developing local/national professional industrial hygiene associations in other parts of the world.
  3. Encourage papers for the AIHce on international themes and organize  a podium and/or roundtable session at each AIHce to encourage dialogue and international participation.
Goal 4: Support application of industrial hygiene expertise to identify and control occupational health hazards throughout the world.
Objective #1: Support efforts by industrial hygienists to offer their expertise and services in countries where it is needed.
Objective #2: Support and advocate for policies, standards and initiatives to prevent exposure to occupational hazards in all countries.


  1. Continue the Industrial Hygiene Ambassador Program. (This program identifies IAC members who agree to serve as ambassadors to countries where they conduct industrial hygiene activities.)
  2. Make recommendations to AIHA regarding advocacy for specific international occupational health issues. 
  3. Support development of an international organization through which industrial hygienists can volunteer or make contributions to prevent occupational disease in developing countries.

AIHA Ambassadors

Osny F. Camargo 
William Zhu, CIH
Lead Ambassador 
Joey Yang
Deputy Ambassador
Maharshi Mehta
Mark A. Katchen, CIH
Marco J. Pedone, CIH, CSP, OHST, CET
Nobuyuki (Don) Mochida, CIH
Jim Rasmuson
Juan Garcia Rodriguez
William S. (Bill) Carter, CIH, PhD 
Muhammad Akram, PhD, CHMM
Tuan Nguyen CIH, CSP, ARM

Ambassador Package