Ionizing Radiation Committee

The mission of the Ionizing Radiation Committee is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and information about the impact of ionizing radiation on the workplace and in the community and to participate in the development and analysis of related technological and regulatory issues.

Goals and Objectives

Goal: Assemble, evaluate and disseminate to occupational and environmental health professionals information relevant to ionizing radiation.
Objective #1: Discuss and act upon ionizing radiation issues.
  • Designate specific members to track and report on identified issues.
  • Respond to AIHA Board requests to address specific issues.
  • Meet at the AIHce and at other appropriate times.
  • Promote the development of monographs, manuals, handbooks, and other publications.
  • Encourage development of better methods, instrumentation, and techniques for radiation measurement and control.
  • Solicit papers; organize sessions; and provide session arrangers, chairs, and monitors for the AIHce.

Objective #2: Provide education and training on ionizing radiation.

Strategy: Promote better understanding of radiation protection through public forums, publications, and continuing education.
Goal: Actively participate in identifying and responding to ionizing radiation issues.
Objective #3: Identify, evaluate, and comment on proposed legislation, regulations, and standards affecting ionizing radiation.
  • Participate in the development of policies, standards, and methods of radiation protection.
  • Review and comment on technical publications submitted to AIHA by government agencies and professional organizations.
  • Maintain liaison with other professional organizations, including the Health Physics Society.
  • Develop and recommend positions to the AIHA Board.