Joint Industrial Hygiene Ethics Education Committee

The Joint Industrial Hygiene Ethics Education Committee (JIHEEC) is an educational resource to the industrial hygiene profession whose mission is to promote an awareness and understanding of the enforceable code of ethics published by the ABIH as well as the ACGIH, AIH and AIHA’s member ethical principles. It includes representatives from AIHA, ABIH and ACGIH. JIHEEC is not an enforcement group or resolution board, but serves the membership by bringing to its attention ethical dilemmas facing the industrial hygienist, and can also serve as a sounding board for challenges facing the professional.   

For more information about ethics in the industrial hygiene profession or the committee’s activities and membership, select a topic from the following list:

Requesting a Presentation

If you would like to request a presentation by a member of the Joint Industrial Hygiene Ethics Education Committee, contact the current chair (link roster) or a member in your area.  Forty-five minutes to one hour presentations can be made at local section meetings.  Special arrangements can also be made for longer presentations that fulfill the new ABIH continuing education ethics requirement. 

Ethics Art​icles

The committee routinely publishes ethics-related articles and industrial hygiene ethical dilemmas in The Synergist. Following is a list of recent examples (links take readers to the Synergist archives; AIHA member login is required to view archived articles):

*articles that include case studies and ethical dilemmas that may be of particular value when developing industrial hygiene ethics education

Other Publications