Leadership and Management Committee

Why should I join this committee? How will it help me in my career?

Perhaps you can relate to these situations and questions as you wonder how you can become the most impactful and successful version of yourself in your current and future job roles…

  • I have been performing well in my position as a “technical expert” and starting to understand ho​w building leadership competencies can help progress my career.

  • Even as a technical expert, I would like to develop my competencies to lead without authority, motivate others, speak the business language/business acumen and persuasion techniques which will allow make a deeper impact on occupational, environmental​, health, and safety (OEHS) culture.

  • I have recently taken a position where I oversee an OEHS team that is spread out all over North America.  How do I keep everyone on​ the same page with corporate policies while also giving them the freedom needed to succeed at their location?

  • Like many professionals, I feel the push to rein in expenses within my organization.  H​ow do I create a business plan and show OEHS value to that my senior leaders and gain their buy-in? This includes actively engaging in OEHS management systems.

  • I have been put in charge of a project, how can I convince people to ​help me and manage my program to ensure it is a success.

If you can relate to scenarios like that, you should consider joining us at the AIHA Leadership & Management Committee (L&MC).  We benefit from the L&MC’s blend of individuals who bring to the table a range of experience, fresh perspectives and ideas, and curiosity.  Whether you are a recent college graduate or a veteran of the profession, we would love for you to join us!

What type​s of activities and initiatives do we perform as a committee?

Our aim is to work toward a shared purpose and make an impact through activities like:

  • Shaping and promotin​g leadership and management principles that empower OEHS professionals

  • Developing leadership competencies in OEHS management and technical professionals
  • Supporting AIHA Content Strategy, particularly Item #4, IH Value Strategy/B​usiness Case Development

  • Sponsoring, creating, and supporting high-quality conference technical sessions and professional development courses (PDCs)

Birkner Leadership Award

The Leadership and Management Committee is requesting nominations for their committee sponsored award, the Birkner Leadership Award. The award is to be given to an individual exemplifying extraordinaire leadership and management. This year, the winner may present an Education Session at the AIHce 2020 as a named lecture on a leadership topic.  Nominations must be submitted to Joy Erdman (joyerdman00@gmail.com) by August 10.  The winner will be notified by August 31 and must submit a leadership topic Education Session proposal by the September 18 deadline to AIHA for the named lecture.  The winner will be expected to pay for registration to the AIHce 2020 for the date of the lecture.  Please contact Joy Erdman with questions on this nomination.​