Nanotechnology Working Group


Provide AIHA members and technical committee representatives with opportunities to identify, organize, and conduct information sharing, educational activities, and community outreach in the cross-cutting area of nanotechnology safety and health.

Ongoing and Upcoming Activities and Events:

  • Establishing and maintaining useful content on the AIHA Nanotechnology topic page
  • Education, information, authoritative guidance, and funding resources
  • Links to national and international partnering organizations
    Information on AIHA member and technical committee needs assessments to help guide effective collaboration and progress

Fostering industrial hygiene input to the development of national and international standards

The Nanotechnology Working Group Soaring Star 2012 Winner at AIHce Indianapolis.



  • NTWG-sponsored training programs
  • Continuing Education subcommittee

Environmental Issues

  • Waste management is one of the most controversial issues.

Online Training Resources

ORISE listing of online training resources
Good Nano Guide: short courses
NTWG Training at AIHCE 2013.jpg

NTWG training at AIHce 2013


Standards Activity


  • ANSI-Nanotechnology Standards Panel


  • CSA Z12885-2012 Nanotechnologies-Exposure Control Program for Engineered Nanomaterials in Occupational Settings


  • ISO 10808-2010, titled “Nanotechnologies—Characterization of nanoparticles in inhalation exposure chambers for inhalation toxicity testing,”


  • ASTM E2535 - 07 Standard Guide for Handling Unbound Engineered Nanoscale Particles in Occupational Settings
  • ASTM E2456 - 06 Standard Terminology Relating to Nanotechnology
  • ASTM E2490 - 09 Standard Guide for Measurement of Particle Size Distribution of Nanomaterials in Suspension by Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS)