Nanotechnology Working Group


To further global safety and health through the life cycle of nanotechnology associated with development of advanced materials and manufacturing by providing AIHA members and technical committee representatives with opportunities to identify, organize, and conduct information sharing, educational activities, and community outreach.

Key Projects  

  • AIHce planning (e.g. podium sessions, round tables, professional development courses, NTWG brochure, student poster judges)

  • Communications & Outreach (e.g. fact sheet development, Synergist articles, Good Nano Guide support, education outreach to other AIHA committees and local sections, presenting at various conferences and symposiums outside of AIHA, and fostering input to the development of national and international standards)

  • NTWG Strategies (e.g. long-term strategic planning, future AIHce offerings, leadership development) 

 Fact Sheets 

Recent Published Articles 

Export Compliance: A New Role for IH, Where Product Stewardship Meets Global Commerce and National Security
By Christine Knezevich

Nanomaterial Stewardship - Mnaging EHS Concerns Throughout the Product Life Cycle
By Renae Goldman

Nanobiomonitoring and Surveillance: Opportunities toConfirm the Protection of Nanomaterial Workers
By John Baker, Martin D. Barrie, Charles L. Geraci, and Mark D. Hoover

April 2016
Soft Law and Nanotechnology: Sources of Guidance for RiskManagement
By John Baker, Martin D. Barrie, Charles L. Geraci, and Mark D. Hoover 

By Jennifer Dimitri, Michele N. Shepard, Paul J. Webb, and John Baker 

Industrial Hygiene Practices for Addressing Nanomaterials Exposures
By Jennifer Dimitri, Keith Rickabaugh, Paul Webb, Michele Shepard 
Nano Enforcement
By Michael Horowitz
Control Banding and Nanotechnology
By David M. Zalk and Samuel Y. Paik
APRIL 2009
Nanotechnology: Environmental Health and Safety Considerations
By Keith P. Rickabaugh and Randy Ogle


  • 2006, 2008 – 2012, Outstanding Volunteer Group

  • 2009 Group Leadership Award

  • 2012 Soaring Star Award

  • 2014 Outstanding Projects Team (Symposium Team)  

 The Nanotechnology Working Group Soaring Star 2012 Winner at AIHce Indianapolis.   


  • ASTM, Standard Guide for Handling Unbound Engineered Nanoscale Particles in Occupational Settings, ASTM-E2535-07, October 2007.

  • GoodNanoGuide, an information repository on good practices for managing nanomaterials in occupational environments, including training materials and resources, EHS protocols, and an EHS reference manual.

  • ISO TC 229 Nanotechnologies    Nanotechnologies -- Health and safety practices in occupational settings relevant to nanotechnologies, ISO/TR 12885:2008. (under revision) 

    •  Nanotechnologies -- Occupational risk management applied to engineered nanomaterials -- Part 1: Principles and approaches, ISO/TS 12901-1:2012.

    • Nanotechnologies -- Occupational risk management applied to engineered nanomaterials -- Part 2: Use of the control banding approach, ISO/TS 12901-2:2014.

    • Other ISO TC 229 standards published or underdevelopment  

Nanomaterial Stewardship Additional Resources as of 4/17/2017

Nanomaterial Stewardship Guidance​ Sponsored by the AIHA® Nanotechnology Working Group (Approved by AIHA Board: March 15, 2017)

Introductory / Overview 

Sustainable Product / Design / Development  

 Regulation and other governance approaches  


Safety Data Sheets/Labels/Hazard Communication for Nanomaterials and Nanoproducts  


Product (Life Cycle) Exposure and Risk Assessment   


Nanoproduct Liability