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Mission and Goals 

The mission of the committee is to provide to health professionals, the industry, and the community a forum for disseminating and exchanging ideas and information about the effects of exposure to noise and vibration, the control thereof, and methods of hearing conservation.

Goal: Assemble, evaluate, and disseminate to occupational and environmental health professionals information relevant to hearing conservation, noise, and vibration control. 

Objective #1: Discuss and act upon noise, vibration, and hearing conservation issues.


  • Designate specific members to track and report on identified issues.

  • Respond to AIHA Board requests to address specific issues.

  • Meet at the AIHce and at other times as appropriate.

  • Prepare relevant information for publication, including periodic updates of the AIHA Noise Manual.

  • Provide sources of information to AIHA members.

  • Evaluate and comment on relevance and accuracy of AIHA noise publications.

  • Consult with other AIHA technical committees on noise aspects of their work products.

Objective #2: Provide education and training on noise, vibration, and hearing conservation issues.


  • Develop new PDCs and update or terminate existing PDCs as needed.

  • Recommend additions and changes to continuing education courses.

  • Sponsor or develop short courses and seminars.

  • Solicit papers; organize sessions; and provide session arrangers, chairs, and monitors for the AIHce.

Goal: Actively participate in identifying and responding to noise, vibration, and hearing conservation issues.

Objective #3: Identify, evaluate, and comment on proposed legislation, regulations, standards, and guidelines affecting noise, vibration, and hearing conservation issues. 


  • Monitor and report on relevant activities by rule-making organizations.

  • Participate in the development of standards and guidelines by organizations such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), NIOSH, EPA, and ACGIH.

  • Recommend to the president candidates for appointment to ANSI and CAOHC.

  • Develop and recommend position papers to the AIHA Board.


Outstanding Noise Lecture

Outstanding Professional Poster - Noise

  • 2014: Scott Brueck for his poster, "Noise Exposures and Hearing Loss at an Aluminum Beverage Can Manufacturer" 

Outstanding Student Poster - Noise

  • 2010:  Michael Humann, "Effects of Common Agricultural Activities on Measures of Hearing Loss"



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