Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Committee

Mission Statement

We provide OEHS professionals with a forum in occupational epidemiology to exchange information and innovative ideas. The committee sponsors courses, seminars and publications to promote the development of knowledge and expertise needed to identify health hazards in the workplace and reduce the risks of occupational injury and disease.


Goal #1: Assemble and disseminate to occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals information relevant to the role of industrial hygienists in conducting exposure assessment for occupational epidemiology and the interpretation of epidemiology studies in the practice of industrial hygiene.


  • Discuss and evaluate epidemiologic findings or emerging issues that pertain to the practice of industrial hygiene.

  • Designate members to track and report on identified issues.

  • Solicit technical papers; organize sessions; and provide session arrangers, chairs and monitors for the AIHce.

Goal #2: Develop and provide continuing education and training on epidemiologic methods and issues.


  • Develop new PDCs and keep existing PDCs up-to-date.

  • Sponsor or develop short courses and seminars.

  • Improve educational programs for occupational epidemiology on the graduate level for both industrial hygienists and epidemiologists.

Goal #3: Increase participation of industrial hygienists in developing, executing and evaluating occupational epidemiology studies.


  • Develop guidelines for activities that industrial hygienists should or could perform as part of epidemiologic studies.

  • Develop specific recommendations and methods for improving the capabilities of industrial hygienists in the techniques of occupational epidemiology.

  • Develop guidelines concerning collection of industrial hygiene data needed for epidemiologic uses.

  • Review and update Essential References chapter on Occupational Epidemiology.