Opioids Responder Working Group

Mission Statement

To provide a forum in support of worker safety for those involved in responses associated with efforts to combat the opioid crisis. To share information among members and participate in the review of materials and development of new materials to share with responder groups. 

Goals and Objectives

Goal: Share, assemble, evaluate, and disseminate materials to professional industrial hygienists, occupational and environmental health professionals, and responder groups including but not limited to police, fire, healthcare professionals, and EMS. This information is directly related to enhancement of safety efforts among opioid responders. 

Objective: Develop, review, and update resource list with hyperlinks to relevant articles and websites in several topics relevant to effective opioid response. Some topic areas include Personal Protective Equipment, existing Opioid Response guides, Physical/Chemical information, Opioids in Workplace. 

Strategies: Form subgroups with different agendas to satisfy our Objective as indicated. The four current subgroups are: 

  1. Resource list: Identify important websites and documents relevant to opioid response and populate existing list, review links, develop new categories, add additional links.

  2.  Response card: Provide template indicating important considerations for first responders at location with powders present. This card would be adapted for local use and could be kept in response vehicle and/or on officer.

  3.  Responder outreach: Identify contacts with training needs, etc.; develop training materials/possibly webinar on use of PPE for opioid responders; provide information and training to community contacts.

  4.  Roundtable: Provide a two-part Roundtable for AIHce EXP 2019 and future AIHce's. The two parts will consist of technical portion and actual opioid responder cases.​