Permanent Conference Committee

Mission Statement
To provide continuity in long-range planning for the AIHce based on joint management by AIHA and ACGIH. 

Goals and Objectives

The Permanent Conference Committee (PCC), as a partnership between AIHA and ACGIH, will ensure that AIHce is planned and organized as an effective forum for the exchange of ideas focusing on the enhancement of the health and well-being of workers and the community.

Goal I: To develop a program for AIHce that meets the professional and educational needs of the profession by presenting programs that address the diverse and ever-changing demands of our membership.
Ensure that AIHce is of high quality and addresses current issues of the profession.
  • Develop the conference program by reviewing and accepting or rejecting submitted abstracts and other technical program session proposals based on established review criteria.

  • Review and recommend changes to the non-technical program, administrative staff, and AIHA/ACGIH boards, as appropriate.
Goal II:  Provide long-range planning for continuous improvement of the technical quality of AIHce.
Objective A: Develop procedures for planning and developing technical programs, including abstract submittal, abstract evaluation, session arrangement, presentation of papers, and program evaluation.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to session arrangers, moderators, and presenters.
  • Develop evaluation tools and conduct evaluations of AIHce programs and technical sessions.  Use this information for continued improvement of any future AIHce.
  • Respond to requests from AIHA/ACGIH boards and administrative staff about the presentation/content of AIHce.
Objective B: Provide equal representation of AIHA and ACGIH on the committee.
  • Committee members are appointed to a four-year term.
  • Alternate the PCC chair between the fourth year AIHA/ACGIH members annually.
  • Include as members the president-elect and vice president of AIHA and vice chair and vice chair-elect of ACGIH.
PCC New Member Fact Sheet 2014