AIHA Content Strategy

In July 2013 the AIHA Board of Directors approved the implementation of a content strategy to prioritize the development and delivery of content to meet member and customer learning needs and to achieve organizational priorities and financial objectives (see Barbara Dawson’s President’s Message in the August 2013 issue​ of The Synergist). 

The content strategy will focus on developing an organization-wide program of work and ensure that it is timely and relevant.  The strategy will keep us focused on what is important and help us bridge the gap from where we are to where we need to be to make sure we are equipping IHs to work effectively into the future.  To better illustrate this, we developed a short presentation​ that provides an overview of the content strategy.

As part of the discovery phase of the content strategy, AIHA commissioned an environmental scan to identify trends and issues that​ will impact the ​occupational and environmental health and safety profession in the next three to five years.  The results of the environmental scan, in conjunction with input from AIHA members, volunteer groups and local sections, was used by the Content Portfolio Management Team as they developed recommendations to prioritize our content development.

The AIHA Board of Directors approved these recommendations  in July 2014.  We will be working closely with our volunteer groups as they incorporate these content priorities into their planning for the next few years.

Questions about the AIHA Content Strategy or the Survey? Contact Russ Hayward, AIHA Managing Director, STI via email.​​​​​​​​​​