AIHA Seeks Nominations for Annual Named Awards

There is nothing that brings more satisfaction than recognizing (or being recognized) superior leaders in the profession. Picture the individual who lives and breathes the profession, an innovator who sets the bar high, and challenges their own expectations to ensure that their community, and the world around them, is a healthy and safe place for workers and their families now and long into the future.

The AIHA Named Awards recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals of all career stages, who have demonstrated a commitment to preserving, advancing, and ensuring occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) in the workplace and communities around the world.



This award recognizes an individual or individuals whose technical accomplishments have made substantial, leading-edge contributions to the field of OEHS through technical expertise, innovations, research, scientific advancements, and interaction with or influence on other scientific disciplines.

  1. Nominations can be for an individual or a group of individuals from a company, academic institution, allied organization, or association.
  2. Nominees do not have to be AIHA members


This award is the highest tribute paid to an AIHA member for distinguished and exemplary service in the advancement of the OEHS profession and the unique technical and professional contributions made in the support and advancement of the mission and vision of AIHA national.

  1. Recipient(s) are selected by the AIHA President.
  2. Nominees must be an AIHA member.


This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the knowledge and practice of the OEHS profession through demonstrated practical application of OEHS knowledge, advances in the practice of total work health, expanding the profession through active collaboration via alliances and partnerships, and the creation of tools applicable beyond the OEHS profession.

  1. Nominees must be an AIHA member.


Recognizes an individual who exhibits high ethical standards and technical abilities, has provided for the highest standards of health and safety protection for employees for whom he or she is responsible, and shows promise of leadership in the IH profession.

Sponsored by Mrs. Florence Kusnetz.

  1. Nominees must be certified by the Board for Global EHS Credentialing (BGC)
  2. Under the age of 40 on May 1 of the year in which the award is presented.
  3. Employed in any sector EXCEPT governmental for most of his/her professional career.


This award distinguishes an individual who recognized and addressed the diverse needs of the workforce by developing and advancing the practice of social welfare and responsibility through public service, community service, and non-traditional social reform, thereby making a major impact on, and the improvement of, public welfare.

  1. Nominees do not have to be an AIHA member.


This award recognizes outstanding contributions in OEHS or allied fields through academic research, teaching/education, professional practice, solving key OEHS issues, and service to professional societies and/or international stature.

  1. Nominees must reside and work outside the United States.
  2. Nominees do not have to be an AIHA member.


Nomination Eligibility

Please see the criteria for each award; in some cases, only AIHA members can be nominated. Nominations not selected during the first year of consideration may be kept on file for reconsideration for an additional three (3) years. Nominators may be asked to update the nomination form, CV, or supplemental material. If the nomination is unsuccessful after three (3) years, the nomination is no longer eligible for further consideration until a new nomination form and supporting documentation are submitted.

Who Can Submit a Nomination?

  1. AIHA members in good standing.
  2. If an individual is to be considered for more than one award, a separate nomination must be submitted for each award.
  3. Nominations must be submitted via the online portal (available during the open nomination period).
  4. Current members of the AIHA Board, as well as the Named Awards Selection Committee, are excluded as nominators and/or as candidates for any award under its purview.


  1. Nominators should inform the nominee(s) that they are submitting their name for an award.
  2. Do not rely on name recognition! Please keep in mind that members of the selection committee may not be familiar with the nominee, so nominations are only as good as the information provided to the committee.
  3. Nominators can significantly improve the selection process by accurately completing the online nomination form and providing all required documents (e.g., CV and supplemental information).
  4. It is crucial that nominators consider the criteria for each award prior to submitting a nomination to ensure that the nominee’s membership status, residency status, and achievements align with the criteria.
  5. If you are nominating an individual or a team for more than one award, submit a separate nomination and documentation.

Nomination Form

To submit an AIHA Named Award nomination, please complete the nomination form in full. The deadline is 11:59 p.m. PT on Friday, January 12, 2024. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.


  1. Individual recipients will receive a $1,000 honorarium. In addition, the recipient will receive a complimentary registration to AIHA CONNECT (virtual or in person), and a plaque/crystal award.
  2. For group-based recipients, a $1,000 honorarium will be split evenly among the group, as well as a plaque for each member of the team. complimentary registration to AIHA CONNECT (virtual or in person).

Selection Committee

The committee is comprised of the AIHA Past President (who serves as Chair), a recent past Board member (who serves as Vice Chair), and four (4) selected at-large member seats to be filled by an open-call process.

The selection committee members shall be Full members of the Association. All individuals shall serve a one (1)-year term and carry voting rights. AIHA’s President and CEO shall serve in an ex-officio capacity.

The selection committee is responsible for selecting the most qualified recipient(s) for each award. If the selection committee determines that the nominee(s) for an award do not meet the criteria, there is no mandate to award it in that year.


Please contact Janice Allen, Associate, Volunteer and Community Operations