The purpose of the review committee is to select FLI applicants who fit the program’s criteria and eligibility. Recipient selection is based on several factors, including experience in leadership or management positions, volunteer activities, recognitions, and statement of interests.

Service on the FLI Application Review Committee is voluntary. The Committee consists of five members including. Nominees must be AIHA members in good standing. This is a micro-volunteer opportunity; the time commitment is short-term and ends upon the selection of the FLI participants.

Past FLI Alumni and/or AIHA members interested in supporting the next generation of IH/OH professionals and feel strongly about giving back to the FLI Program are encouraged to consider serving.

Interested candidates should complete the online nomination process by Monday, November 8. The AIHA President will be responsible for the final selection of committee members. For additional questions, please contact Thursa Pecoraro via email at tla@aiha.org.


  • Treat all information, materials, deliberations and recommendations as strictly confidential;
  • Review and recommend updates to the existing FLI application form;
  • Develop and set guidelines for selecting FLI attendees;
  • Evaluate all applications and rank the applicants within a three week period;
  • Participate on one or two teleconference calls to select FLI attendees;
  • Recommend policy changes regarding the selection process after the evaluation process has ended.


  • AIHA member in good standing;
  • Have a completed Conflict of Interest form on file.

Time Commitment

  • Week of November 15: One (1) hour conference call to go over the evaluation process before the application review process begins
  • November 27 - December 19: Committee members review all applications and submit evaluations to AIHA staff (3 week window).
  • Week of December 20: Conference call to determine participants (specific date TBD based on committee member availability).

Conflict of Interest (COI)

All committee members must have a current COI on file. If a member has an actual or potential conflict of interest concerning an applicant, the member will disclose the conflict to the committee. The member will recuse themselves from any discuss

A committee member has a conflict of interest if:

  • The member is related by blood, marriage, or adoption to an FLI applicant;
  • The member will receive a direct or indirect financial benefit from recommending an applicant;
  • The member has a personal, business, or academic relationship with the applicant, or any other reasons.