AIHA values the profession and is proud of the accomplishments of our members. Each year, excellence is recognized and celebrated through the nominations and selection of recipients for the Named Awards and Fellows recognition.

Scope of Work

Review nominations and select the best candidates possible for the following:

  • Edward J. Baier Technical Achievement Award
  • Distinguished Service to AIHA Award
  • Donald E. Cummings Memorial Award
  • Kusnetz Award
  • Alice Hamilton Award
  • Fellows

Learn more about each of the awards by clicking here.

Nominations for Social Responsibility, Yant, and Smyth Awards are reviewed by special committees.

Committee Composition

  • AIHA Immediate Past President (chair)
  • Past Past President (co-chair)
  • Four (4) members-at-large
  • AIHA’s CEO in an ex-officio capacity

The committee is accountable to the AIHA Board of Directors.


  • Ability to effectively collaborate as well as work independently and online.
  • Ability to interact with other committee members in a group setting, both contributing to, and valuing the contributions of all members.
  • Will treat the Nominating Committee materials and deliberations as confidential.
  • Will respond to requests in a timely manner.
  • Will adhere to established deadlines.
  • Will notify staff of any conflict of interests and recuse themselves from those deliberations.


  • Complete a virtual orientation to the application review process
  • Evaluate and vet prospective candidates
  • Select recipients for approval by the AIHA Board of Directors
  • Maintain confidentiality throughout the process

Time Commitment

Specific dates to be determined:

  • Early January 2020: (1) hour virtual orientation conference call
  • Late January 2020: Nominations distributed to the committee
  • Early February 2020: Committee rankings due
  • Mid-February 2020: Conference call to determine recipients

Nomination Component

The following information is required to complete a successful nomination submission:

  • Name and complete contact information
  • Why you are interested in serving on this committee
  • Can you commit to the time required?
  • Your CV in a Word or PDF file format

Online Application

The deadline to apply is Friday, December 20, 2019 (11:59 p.m. Eastern).
If you have questions, please contact Laurie Mutdosch via email at

Why are you interested in serving on this committee?
Do you have the attributes necessary to serve on this committee?
Do you understand the responsibilities of the committee?
Can you commit to the time required?