Greetings Industrial Hygienists and Allied Health Professionals

The American Industrial Hygiene Association® (AIHA®) is seeking up to 5 subject matter experts to participate in a new project to develop a Body of Knowledge (BoK) framework that outlines the competencies needed to address the elements within organizations' emergency preparedness and response plans that an IH/OEHS professional can support.

Project Overview

Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) Professionals often support or are expected to support their organizations during the preparedness, planning, response, and recovery phases of emergencies. To effectively work within the emergency planning process, the OEHS Professional must coordinate with all organizational departments. Some of the most important groups that the OEHS Professional must coordinate with, include Emergency Managers, Public Affairs, Operations, Purchasing, and Logistics. Safety Engineers and Environmental Professionals closely align with the OEHS planning function, and the OEHS Professional must ensure that these concerns are also incorporated into the Emergency Response.

In this framework, information regarding how the OEHS Professional can participate with planning and preparedness efforts and with whom in their organization they will need to communicate will be included. The goal of this framework is to help OEHS Professionals in understanding the planning and preparedness efforts that may be taking place within their own organization and becoming involved. In order for OEHS Professionals to do this, they will need to understand the roles and responsibilities of other team members who are involved in emergency planning and preparedness, such as the medical staff, engineers, operational staff, public relations, IT, and environmental compliance.

By becoming involved in all steps of the planning and preparedness process, OEHS Professionals will not only have a better understanding of their own role and responsibilities in an emergency, but they will also be able to identify and start mitigating gaps within their own programs. Moreover, through the collaboration process, OEHS Professionals will build a vital network within their organization—a network that understands the vital contributions OEHS Professionals provide.


This effort will consist of five stages.

  • Convene a broad coalition of subject matter experts to review previous and/or existing materials developed by AIHA, professional associations, multi-national companies, and other stakeholder groups.
  • Define the BoK scope, profile of the professional(s), and outline the IH competencies needed.
  • Agree on a draft BoK document.
  • Send draft BoK out for review to selected stakeholder groups.
  • Upload BoK document onto the AIHA website.

This project will require the participation of a diverse team of individuals who have experience in this area of expertise.

  • This project is expected to run over the course of 6 - 8 months. Specific time commitment includes:
    • Involvement in an initial kick-off conference call;
    • Participation in follow-up conference calls/online meetings as needed;
    • As necessary, individual time spent reviewing existing materials and other content-related authoritative sources; and
    • As necessary, individual time spent to review, comment, and finalize the team’s output during the project.
  • In absolute terms, the time spent might be 3-5 days over the course of 6 - 8 months.
  • Participation will account for CM points towards your credential.

To volunteer for this team, please fill out and submit the online application by Monday, November 30, 2020.

If you cannot commit the time to participate in this content development team but are interested in participating by providing input via surveys or comment on the draft BoK, please complete the application and indicate your ability and willingness to participate as a Stakeholder on Q6 of the online application.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss your participation further, please contact Stacy Calhoun.