AIHA Awards and Honors


Edward J. Baier Technical Achievement Award

This award was founded in 1984 in honor of Edward J. Baier and was sponsored from 1984 through 1990 by the Center for Environmental Studies, Temple University. In 1990, Clayton Environmental, now Bureau Veritas North America, Inc., took over sponsorship of this award. It is given to the individual or group of individuals, company, academic institution, organization, or association that has made the most significant contribution to industrial hygiene in recent years through:

  • Technical expertise (in any area of Industrial Hygiene) as evidenced through publications, journal articles, book chapters, etc.
  • Technological innovations
  • Research and scientific advancements in the field of industrial hygiene
  • Interaction with or influence on other scientific disciplines

Prior Winners 

Distinguished Service Awards​

This award was established in 1978 to recognize unique contributions in the advancement of industrial hygiene through distinguished service to the aims and goals of the American Industrial Hygiene Association. The recipient must be a member of AIHA. The basis for selection includes excellence in service to the Association and service in any aspect of industrial hygiene:

  • Unique contributions to the advancement of industrial hygiene
  • Proven leadership in the profession
  • Influence on public policy or social reform resulting in improved worker health
  • Public and community service related to industrial hygiene

Prior Winners

Donald E. Cummings Memorial Award

This award was established in 1943 as a tribute to Donald E. Cummings, AIHA’s third president. The recipient presents the Cummings Memorial Lecture at AIHce. The recipient must be a member of AIHA. It is given for:

  • Outstanding lifetime contributions to the knowledge and practice of the profession of industrial hygiene
  • Demonstrated practical application of industrial hygiene knowledge to protect worker health
  • Acknowledgment of these contributions outside of the field of Industrial Hygiene (e.g. in the EHS field, Occupational Health, Public Health, business, etc.)

Prior Winners

Kusnetz Award

Named for its donors, Florence and Past President Howard Kusnetz, the award is presented each year at the annual conference. Established in 1987, this award honors an industrial hygienist certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene who:

  • Has not reached his or her fortieth birthday by May 1 of the year in which the award is presented
  • Is currently employed in the private sector and has been so employed for a majority of his or her professional career
  • Exhibits high ethical standards and technical abilities
  • Has provided for the highest standards of health and safety protection for employees for whom he or she is responsible
  • Shows promise of leadership in the industrial hygiene profession

Prior Winners

Alice Hamilton Award

Established in 1993 by the AIHA Board of Directors with the first award granted in 1995, the Alice Hamilton Award shall be presented to an outstanding woman who:

  • Has made a definitive, lasting achievement in the field of occupational and environmental hygiene through:
    • Public and community service
    • Social reform
    • Technological innovation, and/or
    • Advancements in the scientific approach to the recognition, evaluation, and control of workplace hazards
  • Has been engaged in occupational hygiene or a related discipline a minimum of 10 years and
  • Shall be recognized by her peers to be: 
    • Competent in her chosen field
    • Dedicated to scientific truth, and
    • Committed to positive change for worker health

Prior Winners

Henry F. Smyth, Jr. Award

This award was established in 1981 by the Academy of Industrial Hygiene as a tribute to Henry F. Smyth, Jr. He was a dedicated teacher and a productive researcher who recognized the need for sharing ideas and communicating his achievements with his students and with his peers through publications and presentations. The Henry F. Smyth, Jr. Award is presented to that individual who has recognized the needs of the industrial hygiene profession and has made major contributions to fulfill those needs, thereby contributing to the improvement of the public welfare. The recipient presents the Smyth Award lecture at the AIHA Fall Conference.

Prior Winners

Social Responsibility Award

Established in 2009, the Social Responsibility Award shall be presented to an individual, entity, group or organization who works inside organizations to develop and promote practical solutions to social responsibility issues related to industrial hygiene or environmental health and safety issues. Information regarding the selection criteria is available on the nomination form.

The Social Responsibility Award is sponsored by Bureau Veritas North America, Inc.​

Prior Winners

Yant Award

The Yant Award was established in 1964 to honor the contributions of William P. Yant, the first president of the American Industrial Hygiene Association. It is presented annually for outstanding contributions in industrial hygiene or allied fields to an individual residing outside the United States.  These contributions can include academic research, teaching, professional practice, solving major Industrial Hygiene issues, and service to professional societies and/or international stature.

The Yant Award is sponsored by the Mine Safety Appliances Company.

Prior Winners

AIHA Fellows

The Fellow designation was established to recognize members who are Full members in good standing, have 15 years of continuous membership, and have made recognized contributions to industrial hygiene or related disciplines, either through research, leadership, publications, education, or service to AIHA. The Fellow designation is limited to no more than five percent of the membership.

Each local section, committee, special interest group, and other formal AIHA entity may nominate, each year, one individual for the AIHA Fellow Award. At-large nominations will also be accepted, with the exception that individuals may not self-nominate. The Awards Committee will evaluate all nominations and make recommendations to the AIHA Board of Directors for final approval.

Honorary Members

One other type of recognition given by the American Industrial Hygiene Association is the designation of Honorary Member. The AIHA Board of Directors elects persons for honorary memberships who are particularly distinguished in the general field of industrial hygiene or in a closely related field who have made significant contributions to the industrial hygiene profession.