AIHce Student and Early Career Professional Activities

Join thousands of OEHS professionals at the largest industrial hygiene gathering of the year, AIHce. As a student member of AIHA, take advantage of the reduced registration fee.   

Welcome Party Reception

Traditionally scheduled for Sunday night during conference to welcome all AIHce attendees.   

First Timers Orientation Session  

Is this your first time attending AIHce? If so, join us and learn how to make the most out of your first AIHce.   

Students and Early Career Professionals Track  

Technical sessions specifically sponsored by the Students and Early Career Professionals Committee and assembled to focus on topics relevant to those new to the profession. Sessions include practical tips for certification and transitioning from college to work, as are activities designed to help students network with professionals and peers.                    

Student Table Topics  

Small, interactive group discussions facilitated by members of AIHA’s Students and Early Career Professionals Volunteer Group. Seating is first-come, first served.  

Mentoring Program Networking Event  

Are you interested in finding or being a mentor? Attendance is open to anyone who would like to come and learn about or join the mentoring program.  Event is sponsored by ABIH.

AIHF Fun Run 

Lace up your running shoes and support the work of the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation. As a student AIHA member, you can run the race for free. The event is open to everyone from serious runners to recreational walkers. All participants must stop by the AIHF Fun Run registration kiosk at the main AIHce registration booth in the Convention Center to sign a waiver and to pick-up the official t-shirt. Registrations will not be accepted at the race site.   

Students Local Sections Council Business Meeting  

Meet other student local section officers and share best practices. Anyone interested in creating a student local section is invited to attend. 

Students and Early Career Professionals Committee Meeting  

Interact with members of the SECP committee. Discuss current and new projects focused on developing outreach materials and mentoring students and early career industrial hygienists. New volunteers, including students, are encouraged to attend. 

Students Poster Session  

Check out the scientific findings of your peers. Authors are present to discuss their research on Wednesday morning in the expo hall. All posters are eligibile for numerous AIHA committee and conference awards. Two posters will be selected “Best of Session”.  

Student Posters Award Ceremony  

Student awards given by AIHA Volunteer Groups will be presented at this ceremony.    

Volunteer Group Meetings 

These are not closed door meetings! Unless otherwise noted, all volunteer group meetings  are open to everyone. More than 40 volunteer groups meet to discuss a variety of technical and non-technical topics including many that address student needs.


In today’s job market, it is important to be equipped with the knowledge and skill to position yourself as a strong candidate—whether as an active job seeker or a currently employed IH professional. Stop by and participate in the following events: 

Mock Interviewing: See yourself through an employer’s eyes when you meet with an experienced hiring manager during a mock interview.  You will receive helpful feedback and learn how to make the most effective presentation of skills, abilities, and professionalism.  Space is limited!  

Speed Networking: Build lasting connections with colleagues from all levels and industries at this innovative and fun networking “Bingo” event. It’s simple! Introduce yourself to a new colleague as you try to match what you learn about them with a bingo spot description. Use this opportunity to learn more about them before you move on to your next connection. There will be prizes for the top networkers!    

Tips for  A Successful Week at AIHce 

Before You Leave Home 

  • Make a list of the people/vendors you would like to meet.  AIHce is great for networking!

  • Prepare an itinerary of the events you would like to attend by reviewing the AIHce webpage or conference app.

  • Research education sessions that maybe of interest to you.  You may prefer one type of session format over another.

    • Crossovers are oral presentations that include practical information on non-industrial hygiene topics – either safety or environment

    • Podium Sessions focus on troubleshooting a specific situation. These presentations describe applied knowledge to real-world problems or a case study. 

    • Roundtables are panel discussions that include audience participation.

  • Make sure you know how to get to your hotel and the convention center before leaving home.

  • Remember to bring your badge and any tickets that came with your registration packet with you (if you forget, visit the AIHce registration desk).

  • Don't plan on doing much work/homework at the conference- you'll be too busy!  Finish everything that you need to before the conference, and set up someone to back-fill for you at your job or other responsibilities.    

AIHce is a prime networking opportunity for attendees.  Rarely are so many IH professionals in one place at one time.  Take advantage of this opportunity by meeting and learning from as many people as you can.  You never know where or when any of these new contacts will be able to help you in your career! 

Networking Tips

  • Make a strong first impression.  Put your name tag on your right, smile, make eye contact and shake hands.

  • Add one of your school’s stickers to your name tag.  It is a great way for alums of your program to recognize you and then want to talk to you.

  • Bring business cards.  Make them yourself if you have to.  Professionals you meet will hand you a card and it feels much better when you can give them one too. 

  • When you get back to the hotel, take the business card you were given and write something on the back of them about the person you talked to. It can be professional or personal, something that when you speak to them again you can maybe bring up that connection.

  • Hit the Expo Hall and talk to the vendors there.  You might meet a new client or your next employer!

  • Attend a committee meeting or two.  Volunteer to help out with a project team.  Committing a small amount of time helps you network with the experts in the field, you get yet another learning opportunity that lasts the whole year, and it looks great on a resume.

  • Bring your resume.   Visit the Career Advantage Job Fair and participate in mock interviews and resume reviews.

  • Mix it up.  Don't stick with just your student friends. 

  • Set a goal of meeting at least two new people each day.

  • Networking is more about listening. Most people fail to listen because they are concentrating too much on what they want to say.

  • Ask open ended questions to promote discussion.

  • Approach odd-numbered groups.  That third or fifth wheel might be looking for someone to talk to.

  • Remember, you’re representing your company, your school, and yourself.  Your future clients and your future employer are there!   

Practical Tips

  • Wear shoes you can walk in.  You’ll be on your feet.  A lot.

  • Wear layers.  Some rooms may be warm, others cool, and it will be Texas in June outside.

  • Arrive with a half-empty suitcase.  You will be filling it up with papers, books, and stuff from the Expo.